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Weekend Bits And Favorites 28: I Got A Ticket!

Tangie snooping around the thrift store this weekend.
 Hey, guys, I am back with a few bits from the weekend. And I must admit everything started off great but ended with my feeling being crushed. #thatslife

LOL:) Yes, I can laugh about it now, but trust me, it wasn't funny in the beginning. 
So, let's start with all the chummy stuff first. Who is ready for the Christmas, laughs over hot chocolate and food? I know I am, but there will be a little twist to our family X-mas this year. #thingsarechangingforthebetter

Tangie sharing a few bits from the weekend. Thrifting old jackets
I must admit I have been all smiles because I've been having great luck finding amazing things from the thrift store. The block has been hot with coats, vests, and dark lace dresses to mention a few of my finds. Here's the deal when I go thrifting I try to focus on the items I love the most. I am a fan of black, textures, leather, and faux fur. Now is the time to find the real deal when it comes to biker jackets and trench coats. A lot of my friends stray away from winter wear because they do not know how to clean the items. 
Tip: If I buy a heavy coat that has been reasonably priced, then I will spend the extra money to have that item dry-cleaned. Honestly, the end results are so worth it. But 
Found a gold pair of earrings from the thrift store. Weekend Bits and Favorites
 Another small favorite of mine is when I can find old earrings that show a little wear and snare. #iloveit
This past weekend I stumbled across a pair of rustic and gold metal earrings with yellow and blue marbles encrusted. They were the cutest little things I've laid my eyes on while thrifting. As you may know, thrifting can be a hit or miss.
I take my time and comb every inch of the building until I find those pieces that rock my fancy. I think the earrings that are pictured above has to be my favorite pair at the moment. #thriftsnooping

Found a basket weave hand bag from the thrift store this weekend
 I saw this rainbow basket weave purse last week at my local Goodwill, and I did not pick it up. Can you believe this weekend that the same purse from the week before, was still hanging in the same spot at the store? 

So, I had to grab it for that 3,99 they were asking for. After eyeballing it a few times, I realized it would go great with my most recent little black dress purchase.
Thrift store shopping the weekend
 I spent most of my entire weekend thrifting because it relaxes me, and it is a great hobby to have.
Bough new coats from the secondhand store. Weekend Bits And Favorites 28: I Got A Ticket!
Besides, thrifting has helped elevate my style to a whole new dimension. At least I feel it has done me some good, since coming out of a style slump. So, ladies, if you get a chance, head to your nearest thrift alley. And if all else fails head on over to the sales and clearance racks, to find gems to amp up your new style.
Took Christmas pictures in front of a tree with santa. Weekend Bits and Favorites
 I gotta share how I finally got my family in front of Santa and a tree to take our yearly family pictures. I decided to do like Kim and Kanye West this year. Kim took her X-mas pictures on a stoop while wearing jogging pants and matching tops. #socute
So, guess what I did to my sweet little family this year. I found a cheap Santa in the city and posed by a free tree in our regular everyday clothes. Those are my memories that  I plan to cherish instead of getting those perfect and poised pictures. #notthisyear #sorrynotsorry 

Baked cookies over the weekend. Tangie bell new bits and favorites
 I am not ashamed to admit I've baked chocolate chip cookies twice this weekend. Oh, and Netflix has been on repeat along with BET holidaze and chill Christmas episodes. 
Tried the shake shack new smoke house burger. #foodbits

 Lately, I have also overindulged in the smokehouse smoke shack burger three times this weekend. It started Friday and ended just a minute ago this Sunday. No guilt over here because I love food, and burgers are at the top of my list at the moment.
sharing how my skin is glowing from tomato mask. weekend bits and favorites
 Fun fact I noticed a difference in my skin since using the tomato scrub in the mornings. 
Used a tomato to cleanse my skin over the weekend. My new favorite bit.

All I do is mix hone, coffee, egg, then I use the tomato to scrub away any dead skin. I must admit doing this three times a week has made my skin look naturally glowy.
Honestly, this weekend has been fantastic, to say the least.

Got a ticket over the weekend in Dallas, Texas
Until I came out of the thrift store and noticed I had a big fat No parking zone ticket. Ha! what a way to end such a beautiful weekend. But, I must add this one to my weekend bits and favorites, because it was my weekend in reality.

Although it wasn't amusing when it happened. I managed to find a little light at the tunnel. The person in front of me got towed, and all I got was a 75 dollar ticket. So, my weekend could have been worse. Neither one of us was happy about the situation, but at least I was able to drive straight home.

There you have it my whole weekend in a funny nutshell.

How has your end of the weeks been?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. For starters, those Gold Earrings are so Eclectic! You can tell that they are vintage and have lots of character. Sooooooo CUTE

    1. Good morning and thank you...happy thrifting!
      xo Tangie

  2. My week has been good but it will be even better when 2019 is finished being wrapped up lol
    Happy Holidays

    1. LOL I so agree to all of that. Happy New Year!

      xo Tangie

  3. You know I LOVE when the block is hot with new thrift items!!! And you had a good weekend! Happy Sunday!

    1. LOL me too... I love when I can find those cute and thrifted pre-loved items to enjoy:)

      xo Tangie

  4. I really like the rainbow purse even though I don't like purses - just a simple clutch for me. That sucks you got a ticket, must be the easiest tickets to hand out because no one is there to protest getting one.

    1. Hey Alice I know right? I love me a good clutch as well girl.. I am enjoying you blog also. Keep up the good work. Sending hugs your way!

      xo Tangie


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