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A Post About Louisiana Town: Food Stay And Babbling

Tangie Bell sharing a tour of her road trip and stay at Sams Town Hotel

A Post About  Louisiana Town: Food Stay And Babbling
 Do you try new things when on a road trip or vacation? Is it just me, or do you eat more sweets and treats than on a typical day when riding in the car for long hours?  That just may- be my excuse for my bad behavior while traveling.

Ha! I am so guilty of this type of bad behavior I can scream. But, I love it because I get to live my life out loud and the way I want. Besides, who doesn't enjoy eating trying new foods on the road?

Snacks Tangie Bell took on a road trip to Shrevport, Louisiana. Road trip ideas City Diaries
The older I become, the more I long for a life filled with fun, laughter, and hometown visits. I guess that is why I am always trying new things in my city.
Enough with the babbling, let's talk about Louisiana town. :)
First things first, I usually never start my trips off eating on the road when traveling. That is why I packed myself all the junk I possibly could squeeze in my to-go bag.

If you are nosey like I am, then packing snacks is a for-real thing. Yes, I packed lots of junk food that consisted of a sweet roll stuffed with ham, cheese, honey, and honey mustard. Then I grabbed packed some corn chips, candy, punch, and water. No, my car ride food choices may not be healthy, but hey, I am on the road, laughing and enjoying some crazy fun with the family.
#justbeingreal  :)

Family stay at Sams Town Hotel in Shreveport Bossier City Louisiana

Tangie Bell sharing her hotel tour of her stay at Sams Town Hotel in Shreveport Bossier City
When visiting a new place or an old place,,, I always want to know where to eat, stay, and try. So, on this trip to Shreveport, Bossier City, I opted to stay with my family at Sam's Town Hotel because of security and the absolute comfort of it all.
First, the bedroom was very spacious and equipped with everything we needed for a good night's sleep.
No, my first night in I slept all night because the dark out curtains had me confused on day and night.

The bathroom was clean and packed with extra soft plush pillows.

There was not much to show because it was just a basic room with all the hotel trimmings.

Comfort-Cleanliness And Privacy.

On the second day, we barely stayed in our room at all. So, for less than 100 bucks a night. I was super happy about that price. 

Road trip eating at Strawns Eat shop in Bossier City Louisiana

Who else loves to eat good food when they make it to a new place. I must admit Louisiana towns are filled with great places to try and eat. And I must admit I always find some good ole' country tasting food that makes you want to slap somebody across the great red river. So, this past weekend, I tried a place with my family called Strawns eat shop and more. I can not express how much soul food and down people, I got to meet on this day.

But first, let me tell Ya'll about the waffles and strawberry breakfast that won my heart on the first bite. I must admit being in the country we eat lots of food and we want a whole bunch of good eating sides to accompany. So, yes, I ordered the famous waffle piled high with sweet strawberries, and Strawn's signature whipped cream. I can not explain the flavor, but it is a must-try. Did I mention it came with lots of bacon, toast, and homemade hash browns? #yummy

Lawd ham mercy I was in food heaven after eating such a southern cooked meal at a restaurant. 

Tangie sharing her favorite chocolate apple while visiting Shreveport Bossier City in Louisiana

A Post About  Louisiana Town: Food Stay And Babbling : On the Shreveport Bossier Boardwalk Chocolate gator apples

Last but not least, I am a real down-home country gal who loves sweets. So, when I hit the city of Bossier, I always grab myself a crunchy chocolate gator apple from the Shreveport-Bossier boardwalk. Then I eat it while walking and watching the trolley pass by with so many people aboard. I must admit when visiting my city, I am never disappointed with the culture, food, and family fun.

There you have it a quick city guide straight from the pages of my diary.

In conclusion: Road trips are fun and relaxing. That is the main reason why I love shopping, eating, and enjoying the small bits a city has to offer.

And ain't that is what life is about, enjoying the big and the small things about our everyday. #inmycountryvoice

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. You making me want to put in vacation time and the year just started! Lol

  2. Now you know that candy apple is my jam! We really enjoyed our trip!!

    1. I know it....They are so good:) I need to become a professional sweets eater:) lol

      xo Tangie


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