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Come Thrift With Me: 3 Hours Thrift Snooping Around Southern Louisiana!

Took a road trip to Shreveport Bossier City Louisiana so I could thrift snoop and shop at Kings Antiques and More. Thrift Snooping
 Come Thrift With Me: 3 Hours Thrift Snooping Around Southern Louisiana!

A post about thrifting somewhere in Shreveport Bossier City, Louisiana. 

So, last week I took a road trip with my family to be in a wedding. Which I must add was absolutely beautiful and heartwarming.

But you guys know I couldn't step into Shreveport, Bossier City, Louisiana without doing a little thrift snooping. You will not believe all the goodies that I found on this trip into the city.
Oh,,,,,,, and I must admit the southern charm and style were in full effect. By all means, I was in the city that is known for its' southern kindness and hospitality.  Since I am born and raised from the south, I can vouch for that state tag.

My first stop was at the Kings Antique and More. And let me just say they carry more than a woman can ever buy at one time.
So, I know this trip has to make it front and center when it comes to keeping track of what's happening in my city, diaries.
So, here is my twist and lookbook at the things that were found on this road trip.
Tangie Bell went thriting and tried on polka dot dresses and pink earrings

Found thrifted and vintage jewelry while thrifting in Shreveport Bossier city Louisiana

One of my first stops, when I am snooping around a thrift store, is checking out their jewelry section. I found small studs and big flashy earrings that I know would look amazing with a new style.

Tip: Always check out old and gently used earpieces when thrifting. You never know what gems you may find tucked away someone else's trash.

Woman thrift shopping in a thrift store in Shreveport Louisiana
I am always looking for ways to style up my finds before I purchase them.

Tip: Sometimes, thrifting can be a hit or a miss. So, always try before you buy. 

Tangie Bell visiting every thrift store in Shreveport Bossier City Louisiana. Thrift snooping and shopping.
 Of course, you know I couldn't resist trying on all the shoes and boots that would fit my feet. 
thrift shopping polka dots dresses, scarves, shoes and earrings

Oh, and the polka dot dresses although I have a red one that I thrifted a few years back. 
I love polka dots, and I will buy every style to wear winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Decided to try on Thrift dresses . Thrift Snooping road trip

I am trying on vintage dresses at the thrift store in Shreveport Louisiana

No matter what is in the thrift store, I always try on cute and dainty dresses. Stay tuned for a haul that will showcase my new finds.

My next stop was at the Timeline in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Vintage shopping and thrifting at Timeline in Shreveport, Louisiana

Tangie Bell trying on marble secondhand jewelry. Thrift snooping

Shopping for thrift necklaces and bracelets

I was able to find the cutest jewelry pieces that were absolutely amazing to wear. This is where I found my wedding guest dress at the last minute, and I can not wait to show and share it with you guys. 

Shh! #topsecret

I did buy a lot more things, but I think this will conclude my thrift snooping trip for now. 

Which item did you like? 

How would you style any of the items I've shown above? Do you tell me I would love to know?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That Polka Dot dress is so your style! Those were some beautiful items you choose at the antique store!

  2. If that blue necklace was smaller I would totally rock it! And you KNOW you should hae bought that little sparkly dress for me! It's so cute!

    1. lol glad it wasnt u funny:)

      xo Tangie


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