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How I Dress Comfy And Stylish While Road Tripping + More Nonsense

Judge My Style: Tangie Bell sharing tips on how she dress comfy and stylish on a road trip.
How I Dress Comfy And Stylish While Road Tripping + More Nonsense
The one post where it is cool to judge my style. 
When taking a road trip dressing comfy and stylish can quickly turn into a chore? And since I can't 

for no one else but taking a trip anywhere shouldn't feel like a ton of housework that needs to be done. Since I am taking a quick turn around out of town soon, I am going to share what I deem as a cute, comfortable get out and go outfit. And I promise anyone can pull this basic girl outfit together in a snap.

Tangie Bell is sharing all her thrift outfit with accessories that is comfortable and stylish while on a road trip.Judge My Style
 Ok, disclaimer, I am not a fashion stylist, but I can share a tip or two. Ok, maybe one, but who is really counting. :)

Since I am about to hit the road, I thought I would jump onto the blog and share what I am wearing to be comfy and stylish for a three-hour car ride.

Wearing second clothing and accessories to look stylish and feel comfortable while taking a road trip to Shreveport, Louisiana: Judge My Style

I decided to wear my long grey thrifted maxi dress that is made of cotton with a slight stretch. So, it fits loose with a bit of length to keep me warm in this crazy winter weather.

I am also wearing a second-hand denim jacket just to keep my arms a bit warm. Although it is a bit chilly outside, I do not want to wear a full coat while riding for hours. 

Can we all say yes to wearing a pair of converse when traveling? I had to grab these so I could jump in and out the car for bathroom breaks. Besides, I already know we will stop into  Buc-ees gas station while en route to Louisiana.

So a comfy pair of shoes is a must to look stylish just in case there will be a quick pit stop.

When I travel, I very rarely carry a cute church purse, I prefer a cross-body bag. I feel safer and secure when I keep all my personal belongings across my body during travel times. So, today I am using my thrift genuine leather purse I grabbed from the Good ole' Will.

I am also wearing my thrifted John Lennon inspired sunglasses. How cute are those, and yes, they came from one of my thrift shopping trips?

Last but not least, I just put on some fun little stud earrings to pull off my comfy and stylish car ride look.

Now let's conclude this post with a little more nonsense that actually makes sense. :) #IThink
Ok, dressing up is not a requirement when taking a long road trip across the highway.
But, as a woman, I think it is essential to fix myself a little bit every chance I can. Due to my work schedule, I am dressed for work at least 4 to 5 times a week. So, when I can jazz myself up a bit, I try and do it.

When taking a road trip, I love to take pictures and stop at little knick-knack places. So, I think it is appropriate when I can find something that is comfortable, cute, and stylish for getting in and out of the car. Besides, I never know who I may run into. :) Seriously, I never know.

My final tips and thoughts:

1: Dress up whenever possible
2: Wear something that is not form-fitting for the most comfort
3: Wear your favorite shoes
4: Pop on some cute shades
5: Jewelry Is Optional

But, most of all remember its just a car ride, and it should be fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Oh, but being a little stylish never hurt either.

There you have it my take on being comfy and stylish while road tripping.

Would you wear this outfit on the road? Did I choose wisely?

Here's to taking great road trips comfortably.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I would DEF wear this on a road trip! I honeslty feel like dresses are somoe of the most comfy things to wear because then you don't have to worry about all of the fuss related to jeans and stuff! You def did a great job picking out your outfit!

    1. Hey Carey I so agree and they are easier to move about doing road trips and working. :) ttyl

      xo Tangie

  2. You are right! I absolutely love the dress down look because it’s a comfy casual look on road, just in case you make a pit stop and have to hop out of the car you’ll still look decent! I love it

    1. Hey thank you and I absolutely agree as well. I am all for comfy and stylish.

      xo Tangie


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