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How I Style My Accessories And Scarfs For Bad Hair Days!

Judge My Style Yellow Scarf : How I Style My Accessories And Scarfs For Bad Hair Days!

Ok, for some reason, it has been raining and very foggy down here in my neck of the woods. And I am having a hard time keeping my hair and style on point due to the bad weather. But, being the hairstylist, I am finding cute ways to style up my look has become my mission. 

Disclaimer: This post is intended to share fun and creative ways to look pulled together when in-between hair appointments or foggy days. 
Judge My Style: How I Style My Accessories And Scarfs For Bad Hair Days!

Woman sharing how she uses shades and head wraps on bad hairdays
One of my favorite things to do is grab head scarfs and big square shades. This style gives a timeless 70's vibe that anyone can pull off. I take my scarf and fold in a triangle then I tie it in a bunny bow towards the front. Pop on some big face glasses for a grown woman look. Then I will pair with some chandelier earrings that pull the whole look together.

Also, I will just put on casual clothes, mainly black top and bottoms paired with lots of bracelets and one big ring.

Wearing jewelry helps bring a basic look full circle.
Using accessories and head wraps for bad hair days.

I am a polka dot girl, so I love wearing a scarf and shades that make a bold statement. Black and white polka dots always give me that vintage style and vibe. And it is definitely a style that will look great when having that bad hair day. When I wear this style that is pictured, I get more stares than without. Honestly, I can't tell if they like it, or if I just look a bit weird to them. Now with this look, a gal has to have lots f confidence to deal with family co-workers and friends. Ha! Sometimes they don"t get me either. lol :)

Using vintage glasses and head wraps for bad hair days
 When it comes to wearing head wraps, the sizes are limitless, of course, I mainly go for mid to large in ranges. Lately, I have been enjoying the long ones so I can place on my hair tie in the back and drap to the side of my shoulders. Then I wear a pair of pointy witch glasses for a vogue look and style. I rate this look simple chic, and unique.
Using Vintage scarfs and accessories for bad hair day ideas, tips and hacks

 When it comes to wearing the smaller wraps, I always tie them towards the back. Because the length is so short, and the styles are harder to form. But, its easier to style the shorter scarfs when at work or out shopping. No matter which size is chosen, the looks are very stylish and cute to wear.

Showing how to use head wraps as arm jewelry and handbag ties for bad hair days, Tips Tricks and Hacks
Last but not least, I love to use my scarfs as ties on my wrist. I think they look very pretty wrapped between my arm candy bracelets.

Also, this headwrap look can be used as a bow around the neck or as a statement tied to a handbag.

In conclusion: I think scarfs and sunglasses, mixed with jewelry is a great style even on bad hair days. So, grab yourself some of these items the next time you are out for a quick style on the go.

Which look was your favorite?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit

xo Tangie


  1. The first two scarves are definitely my Favorites! But you rocked every last one of them!! You go Girl


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