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I Had To Share These 5 New Beauty Finds That Look Amazing On Older Women!

Trying on 5 beauty items that look good on older women. Look good and feel good
 I Had To Share These 5 New Beauty Finds That Look Amazing On Older Women! 
 I am just a small town gal who loves to wear makeup that looks amazing on my face. Since I am older, now, I am always looking for things that make me look and feel beautiful. So, when I do 

find some affordable beauty bits, I love to share them with you guys. I am still on the lookout for shimmers, and ethical foundations that do not cost a lot of money yet gives me flawless coverage. But, let's face it beauty products can cost a pretty big penny. So, I am showing up on the blog to share my 5 secret finds that can be found at your local beauty and hair supply store. And everything is under 10 dollars. Can somebody scream WOW!? 

Sharing new beauty finds . Kiss glow and bronze powder
 Last week while strolling down the aisles of the hair store, I stumbled across some really cool makeup bits. After spending 30 minutes testing them out on my arms, I realized the color and the pigmentation were on point. When I turned forty-something, I started experiencing my powders looking chalky on my skin and face. So, I have spent years and many tries of cosmetics that would make my face have a glow.

I have found them, and most of my buys are pricey but worth it. So, it is always refreshing when I can find a good product for 75% less and yet get the same results.
Kiss Glow Bronzer found at the beauty supply store
 That is why I purchased two of the Kiss glow and Bronze powders. The shimmer and shine are so pretty, and they cost me less than 6 dollars. What a great buy and I got it from my local beauty supply store. I think it makes my cheeks glow and look youthful for being an older woman. I got both tones that came in light and dark.
NYX born to glow found at the beauty supply store.I Had To Share These 5 New Beauty Finds That Look Amazing On Older Women!
The next thing that is my absolute favorite is the NYX Born to glow. I use it as an undertone under my makeup. And it gives me a glow that looks smooth and dewy. I also use it on my cheeks, forehead, and neck area. The price was 7.99, and it lasts about two months. #greatprice
Up foundation sponges found at Target in the beauty supply section. I Had To Share These 5 New Beauty Finds That Look Amazing On Older Women!
 I spend a lot of money on makeup blenders, so when I found the up foundation sponges, I had to grab them. While strolling through Target and looking at products, I saw these for 1.98. #anothergeatbuy
Sonia Kashuk eyelashes found at Target. I Had To Share These 5 New Beauty Finds That Look Amazing On Older Women!

Also, when I want to spice up my look, I love trying eyelashes. I think this is one fetish I can not give up at the moment. I think it adds style and character to my look of the day. I also buy these from Target because I get many uses from one batch. So, I definitely get my money's worth. 

Last but not least, when it comes to lipsticks, I always grab the Super Stay Matte Ink in number 20.
Super Stay Matte Ink Found at Walmart. I Had To Share These 5 New Beauty Finds That Look Amazing On Older Women!

Red is my jam, and I mainly stick with that color because it stays put and lasts all day.

I buy that color from Wolly World (Wal-Mart) for 8 dollars. Depending on your area, the prices may vary a little bit!

There you have it, my new 5 favorite things that I think look good on all women, especially older women. 

In conclusion: Make-up doesn't make a woman but looking and feeling good does. So, if getting dolled up is your jam, these are my favorite beauty bits that I think will help you look flawless. Oh, and the prices are super affordable.

Have you tried any of these items before? Leave comments below!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Yes, I do agree Maybelline has one of the best lil lines out! Been my favorite for a while. Red looks nice on you as well

    1. Honestly that is my favorite brand to use:) #flawless Thanks for commenting
      xo Tangie

    2. Hey thank you..yes Maybelline is the truth!

      xo Tangie

  2. Let me tell you something, I LOVEEE That Maybelline lipstick! I swear it is my GO TO item in my entire makeup routine!

    1. Yes, out of all the colors..the red is my favorite! love love love

      xo tangie


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