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Judge My Style: I Tried Wedding Guest Dresses On Today!

Trying on Pink dresses at Zara in Dallas Texas. Sometimes I Shop. #JudgeMyStyle
Judge My Style: I Tried Wedding Guest Dresses On Today!

Today I visited Zara in Dallas, Texas, to try on wedding guest dresses. Let's just say this was a very interesting try-on day, to say the least. :) 

 As much as I love a good thrift snooping day of finding two-dollar clothes to wear for parties and events. I get more excited when I can find a good sale at the retail store. Today

 I am babbling all about trying on wedding dresses from the clearance racks of Zara. But, I wasn't expecting my body to have changed this much in the last few weeks. 
Shopping On Sales Day at Zara in Dallas Texas. Sometimes I Shop
Here's the deal I am going to be at a wedding that requires me to find a purple dress. My shopping journey started at the second-hand store, but I had absolutely no luck. 
I Tried Wedding Guest Dresses On From Zara!  Try On Wedding Dresses
So, now I have no choice but to hit up the sales racks at my local retail shops. Oh, but here is where the challenge has begun. Since I can not find a purple dress as of yet. I decided to look for a wedding guest dress instead. You know that outfit that is needed for when the ceremony is over. 
I am not sure if I can change, but I am going o buy a dress anyways just in case I go to I-Hop for pancakes later that night. :) 

Pink dress try on at Zara store in Dallas texas
 As I strolled through the store, there were sales everywhere, and I was so excited. First, I saw dresses for 45 dollars then I came across some for 17 and 25 dollars. The prices were terrific, so I just knew I would find my size and my style. Since I have never been to a wedding besides my own. It has been difficult for me to find a subtle dress to wear. How do you dress, and what should I really wear that looks appreciated?  By all means, I do not want to find something that looks revealing or fits to tight on my body. Nor do I want to wear something that doesn't fit my everyday style. Oh, and I do not want to wear something that looks crazy for a wedding. 

So, my first dress try-on was a pink dress that fell slightly above the ankles. The detail was incredible, it has long sleeves and a nice big bow tie at the neckline. The fit was perfect as long as I was standing straight up. 

When I sat down, my belly felt constricted, and I looked as if I was drinking lemonade without sugar. :) LOL #truestory

I must mention the dress only came in size Large, so I really had no room to even eat anything at cocktail night. 
Black and White try on Dress from Zara Store in Dallas Texas

Trying on Zara dress at mall in Dallas Texas
 Ok, so I tried my luck at a black and white straight line dress. Yes, I thought this was the one because it went on like a leather glove. The problem came when I couldn't zip it all the way up on the side. Can someone insert the (crying) emoji? Also, this dress was in Large only, and I needed an XL for a little breathing room.
Trying on black lace dress at Zara store in Dallas Texas

 Now, this next look should have never happened. But, since I tried it on, I guess I will share my thoughts and finds. I tried on the cutest black and sheer dress so, I thought it was a dress until I got it on. Turns out, it was a short baby doll dress that barely covered anything for the imagination. I guess that is why I am not showing what's really below this picture. LOL, just know I am laughing at myself right now.

Dress try on and haul at Zara Mall in Dallas Texas

Green Dress try On at Zara store in Dallas Mall

Last but not least, I finally tried on one that was perfect in color and in size, but it had a slit all the way up to my bum. And NO, I was not going to be pulling and tugging at my thighs all night long. The struggle to dress myself for a wedding has been a real struggle. 

Last but not least, I will not say this shopping trip was a fail, but I didn't find what I really wanted. I guess I did not realize how much my body has changed. And I also learned how I dress for my daily life and work at the hair salon is not fashionable for a wedding. Or is it? Should I be myself and wear what I usually would every day?

Well, stay tuned because the journey to find out will continue.

Which one of these outfits would you wear? 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S Leave me wedding ideas and places to shop. Thanks bye:)
I may have to give second-hand shopping another try before I buy. #staytuned


  1. All of our bodies are changing and thats ok! As long as YOU feel confident then thats all that matters! Also, you know that green one with the polka dots is my favorite!! Cant wait to see what you get for the wedding!

  2. lol Thanks..But the green one did not like my legs. That slit was all over the place:)

    xo Tangie


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