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Midnight Food Diary: Making New Orleans Style Voodoo Shrimp Po Boy Subs!

deep frying shrimp to make new orleans style voodoo po boys. midnight food diary

It's a post about cooking and eating late nights. :)

What are you doing at 12 A.M

Most reasonable people already know not to feed the gremlins after midnight, right?
Ok, according to the famous movie The Gremlins, I learned not to feed those little furballs past the midnight hour.

Why? Because they will pop and become small little evil creatures except

for my favorite gremlin (Gizmo). He was always so friendly even towards that mean ole' Stripe.

Using Tarter sauce on sub bread for Voodoo Shrimp PO boys

cutting up tomatoes, pickles and lettuce to make shrimp voodoo po boy subs
I know I should not be eating late, but here's a good excuse. Rico (the hubs) work late nights so, the only time we can eat together is at the crack of dawn. Over the years, I have become a master at fixing quick meals that we both love. And I even fix things that go great with watching movies. So, tonight I will be sharing my shrimp po boy subs that I paired with watching Bad Boys 2 on DVD.

Deep frying shrimp to make Voodoo New Orleans Po Boys
 Midnight Food Diary: Making New Orleans Style Shrimp Po Boy Subs!

Ok, here's the simple version: I took a quick trip to Wolly World and got myself two bags of jumbo shrimp. I prefer peeled, deveined, and cleaned ones. Although I am going to clean them myself, I find it easier and quicker to buy already cleaned shrimp. Then I batter them with shrimp fry and drop in hot grease.

Toasting the bread to make Voodoo New Orleans Shrimp Po Boys: Bits Of Food
Then I love to butter two slices of soft sub bread. I know in New Orleans, most restaurants use a brioche bread. But, I just grabbed the first large sub size bread I saw at first.
Adding Pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes to make Voo Doo Shrimp Po Boys
 Then I use tartar sauce, add pickles and tomatoes with a small bit of crunchy lettuce.
Using Zapps Voodoo chips to pair with Shrimp Po Boys
 Then I can't resist sharing this next tip. A New Orleans Shrimp Po Boy is not ready until I add a side of crunchy and spicy Voodoo chips.
A midnight food diary: showing how to pile shrimp onto sub bread to make Po Boys

After shrimp are done, I pile them high on our sandwiches. Oh, and I also make a quick side salad that makes you slap yo momma. Or at least kiss the chef because it's so good.

But nonetheless, I guarantee if you make this quick dinner, everyone will be licking there fingers.

There you have it a quick Midnight Voodoo sub sandwich that has to be written down in my midnight food diary.

Making Po Boy Voodoo sub sandwiches and watching Bad Boys movies on DVD

To top off our morning, I popped in a movie with a side of grape minute made juice.

Drinking minute maid juice with late night Shrimp Po Boy subs

There you have it my twist on eating a late-night date night with your loved one. Sometimes I have to do what I have to do.

Would you eat after 12 am?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie



  2. I must say that you have officially just made me hungry lol with that yummy looking po’ boy!!


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