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New Snacking Habits For 2020

Tangie Bell buying new things to try and snack on for breakfast, lunch and dinner
That blog post about a few bits of food.
Happy Weekend Ya'll I thought I would jump onto the blog and share a few of my new snacking habits for 2020. Although I do not eat healthy all the time, I do realize I need to pick up some late-night snacks for myself to enjoy instead of eating chips and candy all the time. As I am getting older, I want to 

eat more and also find new things to try without feeling guilty. I love food, and sometimes I do overeat because I may eat only once a day. But, now I am adding more snacks throughout the day that I love and enjoy.

So, I've decided to take the pressure off myself and enjoy the foods that I enjoy every so often. And I will also be trying new things every week, so I can break my same eating habits. So, I say yes to trying different fruits, loaves of bread, and spreads. 

Buying Cinnamon Bagels as a new snack during, work home and fun days
I am trying to spice up my breakfast yet keep it simple. Sometimes I do not have time for a full bacon, egg, and grits morning. So, I grabbed myself a few new bagels such as cinnamon, raisins, and garlic, to name a few. I have plans to use them for a morning on the go or a lunch sandwich. 

Sometimes if I have time, I will add an egg, and for lunch, I just may add some ham and cheese. 
Tangie Bell shopping for new foods to try and buy
For work, I got a few bags of oranges, bananas, and pecans to keep at my work station. I usually grab something from the vending machine in between clients, but this year I am trying to practice better-snacking habits throughout the day. 
Tangie Bell trying new snacks, pummelo melon, cookie butter, oranges, and baagels
Also, I wanted to try the Pummelo fruit in my salads and to eat raw from time to time. No, I have not tested the fruit as of yet, but I do know the outer part needs to be yellow, which indicates sweetness. My recent research has led me to believe it tastes like a grapefruit. Either way, I am happy to try something a little different on this new snacking journey.
Spinach and fruit to make smoothies and detox drinks
For dinners, I want to try drinking more smoothies and detox drinks before bedtime. Although I love fresh veggies and fruits, I prefer the frozen bags for making quick drinks on the go. Sometimes when I do not want a full meal, blending spinach, berries, and coconut always make me feel full and satisfied before going to bed.

Different fruits for snacking ideas at noon, and night
I believe it is a mind over matter thing with me and food. Because I think eating crunchy apples make me feel full. But, I will say it has become my new everyday snack in between trying to eat on a daily bases.
I just recently started taking a bushel of bananas to work and leaving them. Now I have something to grab and eat quickly even when I am at work all day. My goal this year is not to give up eating what I want, but rather add in more snacking on good food choices.
Raspberry Rugelach for late night snacking ideas
Now, you know I can not give up my sweets, so I do keep small pastries to have with my tea or coffee. I must confess I am a sweet mouth, and my sweets must stay on my list of snacking. #justbeinghonest
Cookie butter spread for bagels, toast etc. Great snacking ideas for 2020
Oh, did I mention another treat is when I can use cookie or almond butter on my toast and bagels? Hands down, that is my favorite snack with a cup of warm vanilla tea. Actually, I can eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
Fuji water for midnight snacking
Also, I must confess I do not drink enough water, so I just bought my own personal jugs to keep at work, home, and on my nightstand. 

In conclusion: I am not trying to eat a certain way or uphold a particular way to enjoy eating. My goal is to try new things and just eat something even if it is a slice of bread. Sometimes I go all day without eating even a simple snack. Now that ain't healthy at all, that is terrible eating habits.

Nonetheless, I am going to try new snacks and food every week, so I can broaden my taste buds and horizon.

These are all my opinions, and I will be adjusting as my lifestyle changes.
There you have it, my new snacking habits.

How do you snack throughout the day? By all means, share the deets below?

What else should I try next?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. From the looks of it, I’m about to be on the same healthy tip y’all are on! Trader Joe’s is Amazing!!

  2. My snacking habits are AWFUL and I need to get it togethter! The only healthy thing I do eat is yogurt with granola but thats it! I am going to amp up my snacking ways for 2020 real soon!


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