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Packing My Beauty Essentials For A Turn Around Road Trip!

Tangie Bell is taking a road trip and these are the items she will be taking along in her beauty bag: eyelashes, eyelash glue, fenty make-up
Packing My Beauty Essentials For A Turn Around Road Trip! 

The time has come to hit the road jack and not look back. LOL, just kidding. I may be hitting the road soon, but I will be back. So, I am jumping onto the blog 

to share all my beauty bits and snippets that will be hitting the road with me. Do you like to see what others take on the road when traveling? I know I do. I am a nosey woman, and I just can not help it. Anyhoot, I have mastered how to pack light, so I will not get overwhelmed with a lot of things when living at a hotel. Trust me, I packed extra light and with common sense.
Since I will be attending a wedding in a few days with my family. I've decided to only pack what I am going to use for sure. 

First, I grabbed my beauty bag and filled it with things I will use only for the days I will be away from home. So, I removed everything I will not be using, and it made my cosmetic bag feel super lightweight.

I packed my Chloe signature eyelashes and eye glue. All my Fenty make-up products, including concealer for my under-eye circles. Ha! I gotta have all my look good remedies.

Then I grabbed my pink lipstick along with my lip plumper. Yes, I love to use products to make my lips look bigger. So, all things dealing with my lips must go into the bag.

Also, I have to have a glowing highlight for my cheeks and my nose. Honey, I love a good face glow, and I want to shine brighter than a star at night. 

Ok, that sounds a bit dramatic, but hey, you only live once.

Look good feel good products Tangie Bell uses while on a road trip. Moisturizer, vinegar wash, face wash, face mask hydro, cotton balls and Dema oil
 Moving forward to my morning face things. I know we will be staying at Sam's Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana, so I want to pack all my good skincare products. And that will include a good moisturizer, oily face wash for the AM. For my nighttime routine, I will be using my Burt's bees vinegar rinse with cotton balls. After removing all my make-up, a good apple cider rinse will remove all the dirt from my hairline and neck. #loveit 

I also pack cotton balls and an extra pre-package mask just in case the weather is harsh. 
All the essentials Tangie Bell will be using on a road trip. Curling iron, two combs, and a brush
 My hair is easy to manage, so I only pack a curling iron, one brush, and two combs, a claw, and a flat tail.
Packing essentials for a turn around road trip. Slippers for the car
 Oh, and I can not leave out my slippers. I know most people may not see this essential as a beauty, but it just keeps my feet warm while riding in the car.
Car essentials, for the road and a journal to write into on a road trip
My last essential is my headphones and my journal. Since my handsome hubby will be driving, I need something that will help me get my beauty rest. And my journal keeps me busy when I want to write down some real-life ideas.
 I have other small things such as lotion, shaving cream, and razors. Since this will be a turn around trip,  I have no plans of taking a lot of stuff with me.

Inconclusions: I used to overpack, and then I would feel overwhelmed with things spilling over from my suitcase. Now I have a simple remedy, I only pack what I really need and what's essential for me to have a relaxing and happy trip.

There you have it everything I will be taking on my coming soon trip.

Have you used any of the items I shared today?

What else should I pack?

 Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I never go anywhere whithout my headphones! Those are an absolute travell neccessity! Also, you shoould get one of those sleep masks for when you doze off in the car so that you wont look tired when you nap!

    1. Hey good morning thanks, I did have a sleep mask. But I never sleep while Rico (the hubs) is driving. lol I have to watch the road. I like to direct from the passenger side...But, I am going to get one for my home sleep. Thanks for that reminder

      xo Tangie

  2. This was very helpful because I have a few trips planned throughout this year. And this really gave me an idea on what to pack for my essentials! Thank you

    1. Good morning and thank you. I used to be an over :) Have a blessed day!

      xo Tangie


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