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The Joy Of Starting Over Again And Again And Again!

Tangie Bell at Urban Donut Spot in Dallas Texas: Featured in The Joyful List
The Joy Of Starting Over Again And Again And Again!

It's only January 6th, and I have already cried at least once thus far. Can you believe how fast 2020 is moving, and I am still making plans and moves at work and in my private family life? So, this weekend I had to stop, drop, and roll myself back on track. By all means, it is never too late to start over again and again and again, right? 

Who else has had to jumpstart this month all over again?  It is no secret I do keep a joyful list journal. It is filled with all my to-do lists and all the things that bring me the most absolute joy. 
And I usually keep it simple with things most people don't think can bring a little bliss into everyday life.
You know those small things, such as getting the whole family in one room for taco night. Or having a quiet moment by myself to have tea, fart, and laugh at myself for being lazy.

Smores Donuts on Display at the Urban Donut Shop In Dallas Texas: The Joyful List
 I have a good explanation for my fun behavior over this weekend. Although I made a list of all the things that had to be done this month, I still have a lot to do stuff that requires my right now attention, such as getting my daughter prepped for college, filling out school stuff, and making calls for this and that. #reallife

I had to do personal stuff that should have only took about three hours, yet it took the whole day.
Yes, I worked the entire weekend because I couldn't find one piece of paper that was needed to finish the task. 
Ugh, I was exhausted by the time I crawled to Saturday evening. Ha! But I made it. Just to face something else and something else. 

I almost threw in the towel several times while screaming there goes my New Year New Me. 

 Not to mention, I usually eat three healthy things out of the 7 days that compile one week. And guess what I have had nothing that looked like it was green nor healthy. But does that make me a failure? Absolutely not, I believe its called life and I can definitely get back on track. #dramaqueen

Warm Donuts on Display at the Urban Donut Shop
By Sunday, I was over all the things that took my full attention away. Now I was facing 24 hours before Monday came and I had to prep for work. 

So, you know what I did that changed my whole perspective on life and keeping up with this New Year madness. Be warned it was a bad thing for some that made me happy as a singing baby eating cake. 
Ok, maybe not that serious nor that cute. #lol
Couples goes on date night at Urban Donuts Shop in Dallas Texas. The Joyful List
But, I did the ultimate most spontaneous thing ever. I got dressed and went on a donut date with my best friend, soul mate, baby daddy. Ok, it was just my husband, Rico. But, did you like how I hyped him all the way up? LOL, sometimes I just have to laugh at myself and at my life. We had plans of going out to this fancy restaurant and eating big ole' crabs and lobsters with sauteed steaks. But, after handling so much business, we were pooped. So, we made time for a little 30-minute getaway to have donuts milk and a whole lotta chatter.

It was the best thing ever, and it was actually more relaxing than being at any fancy restaurant. 
Half eaten Donut from Urban Donut shop in Dallas Texas. The Joyful List

And I must admit it felt terrific to eat junk food without thinking about missing one detox day.

What I just learned: This is a new year, and I am making room to live out loud and on my terms. Although I had plans to do something else this weekend, I have to realize life happens. And it will continue to occur with or without plans. But, that is what's so good I can start over as many times as I want to. 

And so can you. Life goes in circles; there will be good days, bad days, busy days, and chaotic days. But no matter what happens every day, just know you and (me) can start over again and again and again.

I am falling more in love with life, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the donutty days.

How has your 2020 been thus far? How was your weekend?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Although 2020 is moving fast: Stay inspired and motivated by the people you chose to allow in your circle. 


  1. SO far my 2020 has been going smoothly! I am focusing on nothing BUT positive vibes this year!

  2. It’s great to see that you are enjoying this 2020 New Year so far!? Many Blessings

    1. Thank you and many blessings back at you as well...

      xo Tangie


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