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Thrift Snooping: Skipping Sunday Church Service To Shop Secondhand

Thrift With Style: Shopping Sunday For Secondhand Outfits And Accessories to Wear and Style
Thrift Snooping: Skipping Sunday Church Service To Shop Secondhand 
When it comes to snooping around the thrift stores, I am your go-to gal. I hate to admit this, but I woke up late for church so, I've decided 

to skip Sunday Service so I can find some thrift items. I know I already feel guilty, but I did listen to it on our local streaming services. :) #pleasedontjudgeme
I am not an everyday sinner. lol jk (no pun intended)

Since I started building myself a thrift-drobe (basically a thrifted wardrobe), I have been able to find some really cool and rad clothing to put into my closet. 
Now that I have told yall all my business, let's get some thrift snooping on the way.  Ha! #letsgo
A Rack with thrift clothes at the Thrift store. Thrifting With Style: Looking through every rack for stylish secondhand clothes to wear and style.
I love it when I can go into my local secondhand shop and find the racks filled with clothes that are organized. Don't you just love that? I feel calm and ready to shop until I drop. Anywhoo, I spent about three hours combing those racks looking for a dress that gave me a wow factor. Although I was just going to snoop around, I always have a general and broad idea of what I am looking for.
For example, I love dresses, and I like them black, so I always look for those key pieces first. I love styling darker colored clothes. #thatsmyjam.

Tangie Bell thrifting with style and trying on a Yellow teddy coat.
I learned a long time ago to try on everything, and if it doesn't fit, I will acquit it. I've been looking for a yellow teddy coat this winter, but I had no luck. Sunday I found one, but it was too small and to short for my liking. It's funny; the jacket was only 15 dollars, with the tag still attached. Ugh, I hate I could not fit it, oh baby I tried to make it work. So, I think I may be over that style as of now, I just didn't like the look on me at all.

Sidenote: The best way to find your personal style is to look through every article of clothing. It takes hours some times, so take your time because it will be worth your wild at the end of your shopping spree. The best thrift finds always be at the bottom of the bin, or at the end of the rack. Trust me, I have missed out on a few useful items because I gave up to early.

Tangie Bell buying thrift items. Bras, Night Gowns and Slippers
One thing I did buy was a cute little back bralette because it was new and in good condition as well. I know some people won't purchase bras and undies that are thrifted. But, let me tell you it is A-ok. 

Sidenote: If you shop at your community thrift store, you will find local stores will donate brand new clothing, accessories, and undergarments for the community to buy. Yes, it is true, so after this post, if you find a pair of new gowns, etc., grab them for that cool breeze of 2 bucks. You will definitely thank me later for that significant purchase.

I can not express how much I love shopping for jewelry, such as earrings and bracelets. Although it can be a hit or a miss, I still love looking and picking up any unique gems I can find.
Old Thrift Records From The Secondhand Store: Thrift Snooping

Collecting Secondhand Records : Thrift Snooping Thrift With Me Day
I know this was a long thrift snooping day. But ya'll when I shop thrift I do it for, fun, and for relaxing. Ok, and to find some unique things along with a few stylish clothes as well. That is why I am always digging into the books and records sections. I collect old vintage albums for that ole' school music and inspiration.

My Little Mini Thrift Haul

Thrift Haul: Multi Colored Thrift Bracelet - Thrift Snooping : Thrift With Me
Last but not least, here is a sneak peek at a few of my thrift snooping finds. Yes, I will be styling them up in a future post. #sostaytuned
First, I found a rustic solid brass multi-colored bracelet that will pair well with my new found all-white outfit.
I was drawn to the metal with engraved pink, blue, white, orange, and green marble squares. I need to also add the weight is hefty, which indicates this a piece of good quality.

Do you think this was a good buy at 3 dollars?
Mod White Patch Purse. Thrift Snooping Thrift with me day
I am happy to show this next item because I have been looking for this type of handbag. It is a white mod style with color patches as well. How lucky I was on today to find a purse and bracelet that almost match each other?. The beauty of this bag was only 10 dollars. But it was worth every penny considering it is genuine leather as well. What a great thrifted buy. 
Found a pair of white mod style glasses from the thrift store. Thrift Snooping
Then moving forward, I found a cute pair of clout style shades. Yes, I had to get them because of the white trim, and it matches my new thrift handbag. 
Found a patch genuine cross body handbag. Vintage inspired: Thrift Snooping

My last secondhand buy was a genuine leather vintage style 70's cross-body purse. Hands down, this has to be my favorite thrift snooping day.

Which thrift item was your favorite?

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Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Now you KNOW that purse was my favorite! When you gonna let me borrow it!! Ha!

  2. I just love your Thrift Finds! I wish I had nearly as much luck as you do when you go Thrifting ughhh


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