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Weekending: Mirror Selfies, Thrifting + Chatting Growing Older With My Daughters

Tangie Bell taking mirror selfies with her daughters, shopping at the clothing stores.
Weekending: Mirror Selfies, Thrifting + Chatting Growing Older With My Daughters 

What better way to start the weekend than with your girls at work. And what a great way to start my weekends with mirror selfies, thrifting, and hanging with my daughters.
Being forty-something comes with a whole new set of rules I am just getting used to. When my daughters were small, I never took pictures in the mirror, and shopping with them was a hot chip mess. LOL :) Nobody wanted to hang with mom and shop till we dropped.

Times have surely changed since my girls were little, they hated shopping and bopping around the city with me. :)

Now that they are mostly all grown up, shopping is our new thing now. And I must admit it is quite fun as I've gotten older and wiser.
Ha! It seems they care a lot about my thrifting style and how much fun it is doing it with momma. Yep, I have gotten all my daughters hooked onto the second-hand thrift snatching bug. I must admit it is all joy when we can go thrifting together and find those hidden gems that make up a funky fly style.
handbags and jewelry at the thrift and secondhand shop

 I must publicly admit I am learning a lot from my young adult children as well. I think I have finally mastered how to take a selfie in my mirror. Oh, how cool is that? Ok, I know that I am a tad bit dramatic, but I think I just figured out the true meaning of living a blissful life. 
I learned to just do it, just live in the moment and not for tomorrow.

Yep, that's lame, but it is true, and I am finally dancing to the beat of my own drums in life.

No, I am ding nothing earth-moving nor profound. I am just living, and I am happy to share that with my daughters.

So, today, I shared all my thrifting tips with Carey and Kamoriae. It was a little hard because they really want to copy my style. LOL, not kidding.
Just last year, they both told me I had no style, not they want all my little secrets. 
It's funny how life has a way of repeating itself.
My thrift style used to be old fashion to them now we hang out, try on clothes, look at scarves, and make fun of each other's clothing choices.
Tangie Bell taking pictures of outfits at the park with her daughters
We always have a great friendly debate and laugh about which one of us has the best long legs. 

Why, of course, I always win hands down. 

Tangie Bell taking picture and chatting about growing older with her daughters Carey and Kamoriae
Nonetheless, it feels incredible when I can get a day off to hang with them and share a few of my style tips, and laugh.

In conclusion: I do not know much about fashion or even how to style. I just know enough to teach my girls how to be happy, thrifty, and a tad bit stylish. Although this thrift shopping trip did not land me a lot of good finds, it was still a successful trip with my daughters. And my gosh,, it sure does feel good to share my growing older with my daughters. Do you talk about the joys or failures of aging? Let me know in the comments below.

At the end of the day, life is to short not to be enjoying every inch of it.

So, here's to having a great weekend.

How has your weekend been thus far?

Last but not least, growing older has to happen, but I am finding ways to enjoy each and every day by any means necessary. And yes, it really is that simple.

My outfit dress is thrifted
Boots Amazon
Orange handbag: Thrift as well

Would you wear my weekend look?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Stay Positive-Motivated-And Go Get It :) 


  1. What a super mom!! My 2 kids and I balance our style off of eachother so I can keep up with the latest fashion and still remain in my age group looking stylish 👸🏾😀💕

    1. Awww that is so sweet. I know I try to keep up with my girls and what is on trend.

      Thanks xo Tangie


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