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Where To Find A 60 Year Old Homemade Burger Joint In Texas!

60 year old burger joint in Northwest Texas Keller's Drive In Northwest Dallas Texas.

Where To Find A 60 Year Old Homemade Burger Joint In Texas!

I guess it is true a person should never judge a book by it's cover. And this little local hole in the wall has made a believer out of me. In today's city diaries, I am taking yall to a place where you can get a 60-year-old burger for 2 dollars. It's big, and it is unbelievable filling to even the hungriest person coming to the dinner table. Oh, and did I mention its a 

carhop at it's finest. 
Do you ever get in your car and look for new places to eat and try? 

Well, I must admit I do not do that all because I am a real southern gal who loves catfish, shrimp, greens cornbread, and sweet taters. Ok. I guess that makes me a little bit of a country skunk as well.
But nonetheless, I usually stick with my same ole' food choices with a little venture here and there.At Kellers Drive In Dallas Texas. Having Strawberry Shake , Burger and Onion Rings. Seen first City Diaries

Last week while I was out thrifting in the city of Dallas, I realized I was 2 hours away from my home destination. Not to mention I was stuck in traffic, so I took another route through Dallas that landed me at another thrift store in the are. After 30 minutes inside and not finding anything, I came out ready to eat, but traffic was hideous. While sitting in my car trying to google something quick to eat, I looked straight up a saw this rinky-dink looking place that was full of cars and people bringing racks of food out.
Kellers Drive In For Fresh Homemade Burgers and Shakes
So, I pulled up into the parking lot myself and saw a sign with large burgers for 2.85. What! How! and Why? And I also saw no credit card and no debit, no ATM and no loitering. I knew then I was in the country, and the food is about to be banging.
Before I could get out of the car, someone came to my side of the window and offered to take my order.

Kellers Drive In Dallas Texas, Homemade Fries, Shakes and Food. City Diaries
The wait staff was named Carey, and she explained there was no need to get out because this place Keller's was the first car hop burger place in the city. Apparently, they were here before any Sonic's joint was born, and she was proud to say they have been in this same spot for over 60 years. OMG, so am I really about to eat a 60-year-old burger? I wanted to know all the details concerning authenticity before I take my chances of eating something that was under 3 bucks.
The menu at Kellers Drive In and Car Hop for fresh food, and shakes

Fresh Lemonade sold at Kellers Carhop in Dallas Texas of Harry Hines. Seen first On Bits and Babbles
First of all, everything is made in house, and the beef comes in fresh every day from their own vendor.  Burgers are built for big eaters, and everything is still priced as it was decades ago. So, I wanted to try it for myself.

Big fresh hamburger from Keller's Drive in. Made with lettuce tomato, bacon cheese on seed bun. City Diaries
Yall I did the single patty with the works, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, onions, peppers, and cheese on a sesame seed bun well done. 

Hand battered homemade onion rings at Keller's Drive in. Dallas Texas. City Diaries

Then I went for their homemade battered sweet onion rings. Yes, they are good enough to go back and get them every single day. #nojoke

Homemade shakes sold at Keller's drive in. Dallas Texas. Road trip. City Diaries

You know I couldn't resist getting their strawberry shakes because Carey assured me it was made with real cream and ice-cream. 
Keller's Drive where to find local soul and food to eat. City Diaries
Here's the deal I will never tell a lie about something I eat. If I do not like it, I will not write about it. But hands down, they can not be touched at all. I love how they have kept the concept of car-hop. The service was terrific and friendly, but the food was better than that. Not one drop of grease was on my burger, and the flavor was downright homemade. Their bread is unmatched, and the sides were a real compliment.

I never eat all my food, and I ate every drop, and yes, those burgers were big, and I am glad I got a single patty.

This place may not look like a typical upscale tea room, but I will take good food and friendly country folk any day.

Also, don't let the building fool you; the parking lot was jammed packed, and I could see people with their families laughing and talking. So, where can a person go for good food and laughs in the car?

So, if you ever get lost and find yourself trucking through Dallas on Harry Hines, please make a stop and try yourself a good ole' fashioned burger and shake. You will not be disappointed at all!

Keller's located in Dallas Texas off Harry Hines

10554 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75220

OWEEE! That was some good country eating. I was ready for a nap:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

I must admit everything is Bigger here in Texas! Yeehaw


  1. Baby, that food was soooooo amazing I could have eaten my fingers off! Ha! Lets go back sooon!


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