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3 Minute Brown Eye Shadow Look For My Round Protruding Eye Lids!

How to apply brown eye shadow in 3 minutes on round protruding eye lids.
3 Minute Brown Eye Shadow Look For My Round Protruding Eye Lids!
I used to be afraid to talk about the different changes that are happening to the look of my face. But, as of now, I am not ashamed nor afraid anymore. Aging is not a punishment; it is what has to happen in life. So, today 

I am publicly sharing something I noticed changing around my eyes a few years ago. In doing so, I will also be sharing how I do my brown eyeshadow look in 3 minutes every morning. 
Disclaimer: I am no makeup artist, I am only sharing the way I apply my morning eyeshadow to my ever so changing eyes.

My shadow of choice this morning is the Urban Decay Honey. I use all types of palettes, but the Urban one is my go-to for today. The colors that are in this specific blend are named: FlyBy, Sweet, Swarm, Amber, Keeper, Golden, Money, Queen, Hive, Drip, HBIC, and Sting. I chose this color pack today because of all the golden hues that are in it. Since I am wearing a bright orange lip color, I would prefer my make up to be on the golden side of the makeup spectrum.

When I was younger, my eyes were small, yet a little flat on top of my eyelids. Over the years, I've noticed I have more puffy at the top and flat towards the bottom. This makes me appear to have a small overlap of skin above my eyes. I will admit it doesn't look bad, but I am learning a new way to do my eyes. 

I will not tell a fib; it did take me some time to adjust to getting older, but now I think I am ok.

How to use eye shadow primer on protruding eyelids with applying eye makeup.
Before I do any makeup in the morning, I always follow up with a fresh and clean face. I want to remove any dirt, and/or oils that have settled in my face from the night before.
Then I proceed with an eyeshadow primer that will help keep my eye color in place for longer hours.
Some people never use a primer I do to cut down on my eyes, looking more creased from wearing colors on my eyes.
Tangie Bell applying eye shadow brown by Urban Decay Honey palette on protruding eye lids.
After I prime, then I will move onto my next step, choosing the color I want to use for the day. Today This morning, I will be using the golden, queen, and honey as my color choices.

Yes, I close my eyes when doing my shadow, so I won't apply too much above my crease. And I do not have to create a crease because it's already there. My gold this morning is to create shadow, with depth toward the bottom lid.

Using Urban Decay Eye Shadow in 3 minutes on Protruding Eye lids.
I usually never use five different face brushes; I mainly stick with what came with my eyeshadow kit. My gold is to apply in less than 3 minutes, so I can get dressed and head off to work.
Tangie Bell sharing her tips to using brown eye shadow in 3 minutes on protruding eye lids.
 First, I start with my top lid by brushing a small amount of color, then I dip another color and add depth on the bottom lid close to my eyes. 
How to apply brown eye shadow in 3 minutes on protruding eye lids.
If I am feeling fancy, I will add a little gold to my tear duck area. 
Tangie Bell showing the finished look of a 3 minute eye shadow tutorial.

I am not always in the mood to make up my face, but when I do, I want to look and feel pretty.
I realize the way I did my makeup in my twenties is not the way I can do it in my forties.

In conclusion: No matter how I feel about aging, I do understand things are changing, and I must change with those changes. You know life is happening for me right now, and I can't stop that, but what I can do is embrace and learn to understand the things that are happening.

It may seem small to some people when their face structure changes over time. But, it wasn't little by any means for me, because I wanted to have an eye lift and all sorts of other things. But, over time, I realized I needed to slow down, look in the mirror, and look the new me I am becoming.

Yes, I am aging, but honey, it is ok. So, today, I am celebrating my new found round protruding eyes.

There you have it, my 3-minute brown eyeshadow look.

How do I look?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I can honestly say ur makeup skills are absolutely amazing!

    1. Thanks hope I gave you little inspo:)

      xo tangie

  2. Aging??? You must be having backwards💙?! This is a cute,simple, an classy look! Well done

  3. awwww thank you very much!

    xo tangie


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