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4 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Men Style Shoes: The Shoe Chat!

4 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Men Style Shoes: The Shoe Chat! Judge My Style Image: White Oxford shoes and white and gold handbag 
5 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Men Style Shoes
It's been said a woman can wear almost anything without judgment. And I must agree for the first time in my life. Because I never thought I would find a new love for being in the men's shoe department.

Do you wear your husband's or boyfriend's clothing or even shoes? When my husband buys his flannel shirts, I always grab them for my quick runs to the grocery store, and sometimes I would tie them around my waist for a fashion statement. I do not know why, but I loved wearing what my husband had. The only thing I couldn't fit was his shoes, and I never even tried to wear his size 12, not to mention his style is not mine at all. :) #sorrybabe
Nonetheless, since I have been working on coming out, my little style rut. I've been doing a lot of shopping for myself and playing in clothes.
I recently started my shoe journey over into the men's section, especially when I am thrifting a bit.

But, before you judge me, please hear me out, because my 5 reasons just may resonate and make a small amount of sense.

4 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Men Style Shoes: The Shoe Chat! Tangie Bell wearing thrift slip dress, leather jacket , white mens oxford shoes, white and hgold purse. Judge My Style
 Feminine Outfit With Masculine Foot Wear 
Ok, here's the deal. I love a cute outfit mixed with a pair of snoop dog converse tennis or pair of men's oxfords. For example, I went thrift shopping a few weeks backs, and I stumbled across a pair of men's shoes. Of course, I wanted them for the style, and I knew it would go well with my black vintage dress. And it did. 
 I paired with a slip dress that has pleats, my leather thrift jacket, and necklace. Then I finished the look with a gold and white purse topped off with a pair of white thrifted shades as well. This look was easy and very creative to pull off but by dressing feminine and pulling those men's shoes. When wearing men masculine shoes, it is best to layer with stylish yet girly pieces for a more feminine look. 

Keep in mind this statement is only my opinion. 

Judge My Style: Tangie Bell is wearing white men's oxford shoes, paired with a black slip dress, vintage necklace and white shades
The Men's Section In The Store Has The Best Sizes
Does anyone else go to the men section for the real boyfriend jeans, 
flannel shirts, and oversized t-shirts?  I know I do. And now I've just added getting men's footwear as well. The sizes fit me better, and the looks are really cool also. Although I never wear jeans, I do find the fit is more tailored to my round body shape. Not to mention the vintage tees are large enough to cover my backside and long enough to look very stylish with a men's blazer.

4 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Men Style Shoes: The Shoe Chat!
If The Shoe Fits
You know the story if the shoe fits, then get it. I can not explain why men's shoes look and fit my feet better. I usually wear a size 10 in women, but I can definitely wear a size 8 in men. When I do stroll in the men section of the thrift store, I am casually looking for the cool stuff to wear. I look for items that fit well and can possibly look stylish as well. I think wearing men's shoes with a dress, or a pair of crop pants really look funky and fly. Besides, men's shoes can really make a bold statement. I get so many compliments when I pair a manly shoe with my girly clothes.

Tangie Bell is wearing all white oxford shoes, paired with slip dress, white shades. Judge My Style
In Conclusion
I am a woman who has been intentionally trying to stay out of a style rut. My job requires me to be in scrubs 4 to 5 days a week. So, on my days off all I wanted to do was wear raggedy ole' comfortable clothes. No, there is nothing wrong with that, but I was taking care of everybody else and not myself. 
Over the years, I realized I was not taking care of me as much as I was of others.

Being a hairstylist, it is easy to take care of others and not have the energy for yourself. This behavior also happens to a lot of the women I know personally.
When I started going to the thrift store, I found a new love for playing with my clothes. I was able to experiment more with funky crazy styles. The more I try new styles, I was able to see me again. I guess it is safe to say the old me is gone. And I not sad about it one bit.

Being in my forties has taught me so much about styling my body and my feet.
And I realize what I wear can make a statement, but my clothes and can also make me feel good as well.

So, I say the next time you are in any store, try looking in the men section for those cute clothes and shoes on the rack.

There you have it, my take on wearing men's shoes.

Would you wear the style I am wearing in my pictures above?

How would you style my outfit differently?

Well, that's my style story, and I am sticking to it. :)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I love the shoes you are wearing! I would totally rock them if they came in black!!!!! You gotta put a bag over white shoes beause they LOOOVVVE to get scuffed!

  2. Those are some beautiful lace shoes.The eggshell color is cute also.


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