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A Few Things: Weekend Bits And Favorites 29

Tangie Bell sharing birthday outfit with husband on weekend bits and favorites
Is it me, or is February just flying by like gone with the wind? I can barely catch my breath as the days are moving so fast. So, I thought I would end this weekend with a few things that have been my bits and favorites thus far. 

First off, my Rico (the hubby) birthday is coming up this Monday, but I decided to celebrate simply with the family.

First, I took him for coffee at our favorite little hideaway in the city. It was refreshing to sit down and chat about nothing. Let's talk about the outfit I wore for our morning date. I tried to dress casually, but after putting everything on, I realized I may have gone a smitten overboard. My outfit for the day was a flowy dress that I found on the racks of H&M. Then I paired with my Gianni Bini Boots that I got from the mall. My jewelry of choice was all thrifted, from the necklace to the pointed eyed glasses. Oh, and my handbag came from She-In. I think I came up with a cute outfit that any woman could rock for any occasion.

A Quick Dessert Recipe!
A Few Things: Weekend Bits And Favorites 29: Everything needed to make nana pudding

Making banana pudding on weekend bits and favorites. The full recipe

I must admit I had a sweet tooth out of this world on Saturday so, guess what I decided to do? Basically, I went to the store and bought everything I needed to make banana pudding. No, I did not stir and cook all day over the stove. But, I did use a family recipe that has been around for decades. It's super easy to make, and it tastes just like grandma stayed up all night making homemade custard.

Here is the recipe, and I hope you give it a try.

2 boxes of vanilla pudding ( Mix three cups of water) ice-cold add one can of condensed milk and blend with a blender.

Place in the fridge overnight.

Then whip up three cups of heavy whipped cream with confection sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla flavoring.

Take pudding an gently fold into whipping cream.

Add wafer cookies to the bottom, then bananas. Keep piling it on until you reach your desired style in the bowl.
Let it chill for 5 more hours in the cooler before enjoying it.

Ingredients needed for this Banana Pudding Is:

2 boxes of pudding
Heavy Whipping Cream
5 Bananas
Vanilla flavoring
Confection Sugar
Trust me, this is the best dessert for any non-baker.

Beauty bits bought on weekend bits and favorites: 5 pack cluster eyelashes
I must share one of my favorite things this weekend. And I know every woman in the world can relate to the eyelash madness. I've finally found a full pack of single lash lashes, can somebody sound the alarm? Yall I go through a lot of mascara and eyelashes, so I was super happy to find a pack of five. Yes, that will last me an entire two whole weeks. 
Tangie Bell went thrift shopping alone at the thrift store. Weekend Bits and Favorites
Hands down this next bit has got to be my favorite thing to share from this weekend. I went thrift shopping all alone, and I felt so good. I am finally taking wings and learning how to navigate this thing called life.

Earrings bought from a vendor at the market. Weekend bits and favorites
Yes, I did buy a few things from a few local vendors. Some of the items were a bit pricey, but I loved the pieces I did grab. Besides, buying locally helps the community and small businesses.

There you have it my weekend bits and favorites in a nutshell. I purposely made my two days off work, enjoyable, relaxing, and laughable.  It felt so good to almost do nothing, and I loved every stinking bit of it.

Who knows this may be my every weekend thing to do.

How was your weekend? Do tell:)

Until Then See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That Banana pudding is looking mmmhmm good! And my weekend went well lots of relaxing, now its back to work by Monday!


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