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Ageless Positivity (Un-talked About Struggle And Truth) My Aging Chronicles!

Sharing Ageless and Positive tips that have been un-talked about: Midlife Notes
A post of life-changing inspiration.
 Aging with style is one thing, but aging with a positive outlook on life is a whole other story. I never saw this day coming, or I may have just been in denial. Today I am sharing my bits on Ageless Positivity (Un-talked About Struggle And Truth) My Aging Chronicles! 

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time getting to know myself as I am getting older. I must admit, at times, it can be a little scary. Due to the fact I really do not have anyone to share my thoughts and struggles with. 
Ok, I do have my husband, kids a few friends, and my clients at work to lay my concerns upon. 

Since I am fastly approaching the age of 49, I want to know more about living life big and bold. 

Sharing aging chronicles by aging positive
A few days ago, I had the opportunity to attend a woman's seminar for licensed hairstylists. I almost didn't go because I didn't want to sit through another bob cutting class. But, I decided at the last minute to go, and my life was changed by the time I made it to the last tutorial class.
Some of the classes were centered around new ways of doing a woman's hair to look and feel good about themselves. Other courses were geared toward dressing for happiness rather than what's in style and on-trend. 

The last class was about facing the fears of aging by embracing where you are right now.

I left that conference feeling better about where I am with my age and my style. 

Here are a few things I  actually learned.

It's ok to be afraid of aging, but it's not ok to stop living because of age. 

Style is going to change with age, so find new ways to dress up.

Things are going to change as we get older in life, our hair, clothing choices, and how we socialize with people.

For example, I would rather come home and make jewelry before drifting off to sleep.

And that is fine, but I need to find at least 30 minutes to have coffee and a chat with like-minded people.

I also got a better understanding as to why I fell into a style rut.

My body changed, and I needed to find a new way of dressing my size. I know that is true because I am 30lbs bigger than I was last year. Now that I've gotten that out the way, I was able to address what was really bothering me about getting closer to the age of 50.

And it all came down to adjusting to my life-changing. Life is not over just because I am officially part of the over 40 crew. In fact, it is all in how I see turning 49 this year.

I do realize there is not much talk about getting older and how to live beyond what we see in the mirror. Although I know changes will be made to better understand ageism. I just wish I talked about the subject with my elders.

Being in a style rut may seem mundane to some people, but it is not to me because I went through it silently.

After going to this women's seminar, I better understand why I need to let go and live.  

In conclusion: The struggle with aging is real, yet most of us do not want to talk about it at all. My truth is I am finally learning how to embrace who I am and move forward, Today I am embracing my age and my new found style.

So, expect to see more aging chronicles and style posts. Do not be afraid to let me know how I am. 

How do you handle being in your forties? Do you have it all figured out?

If you want to hear more of my story in detail, please see the video below.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. You are always so fashionable!
    You are beautiful FASHIONISTA

  2. I am in the LAST year of my 20's and I am looking forward to embracing a more fun and flirty style this year!! Super excited to see more aging chronicles!!!!!

  3. lol girl you still young...dont come to the over the hill club so Thanks Carey!

    xo Tangie


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