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Due To The Rain, I Must Accessorize: Fixing My Unruly Style!

Tangie Bell sharing tips, tricks and hacks on how she fixes her unruly style :green scarf, colorful glasses,jewelry and rings 
Due To The Rain, I Must Accessorize: Fixing My Unruly Style!

 Since it wants to rain every day in my city. I have to find new and innovative ways to fix my unruly hair and style during those times of clouds and mist. So I thought I would jump onto the blog and share my tips, hacks, and tricks for looking cute for an event or just hanging with your girls for brunch.

Disclaimer: I do not believe a woman has to dress up or change her appearance just to leave the house. Today's blog post is merely my unbiased opinion for when I have unruly hair days. Not to mention when I just plum do not want to dress myself up.

Honestly, I thought coming out of a style rut would be so easy for me. By all means, I am loving finding the deals and thrills when I go thrift shopping and window peeping at the mall.
I have to be honest; I am still buying mix-matched items that do not make up a complete outfit. 
Don't get me wrong I love wearing stripes with polka dots and men shoes with my dresses. But, I still have a lot to learn about coming out of a style rut.
The first thing I've learned thus far is not to apologize for the way I want to dress. #1Rule (Wear what makes you happy from the inside out)

How I Handle My Unruly Style!
Tangie Bell Sharing how she uses red lipstick to elevate her unruly style
#2: Grab a bold lip color. When I am struggling with my look for the day, I always focus on my lip color. A red, orange, or bright pink lipstick always makes a statement. It says I am ready for the world, even if I do not feel it. Anytime I am having a bad hair day, I always grab a lip stain that will help make my style not look so drab.
Green headscarf for hairstyle. Due To The Rain, I Must Accessorize: Fixing My Unruly Style!
#3: Pile on The Earrings: Most women I know love a cute pair of earrings no matter the size or shape.
When I can't find the right outfit, I always grab a long pair of chandelier earrings to compliment my style. Sometimes I wear studs, but either way, I use earrings to elevate my style and take it from drab to fab. How cute are the ones I am wearing in the picture above?  
#4 Grab A Head Scarf: When I go shopping, I always look for the scarves and hair accessories as my go-to look when my hair is not up to par. The scarf style is limitless, and I love to tie them around my hair with a big bow. I also tie around my neck wrist and handbags. The scarf look is elegant, classy, and noticeable when entering into a room full of people. I must admit wearing accessories always changes the game when my style is unruly. 

Woman wearing jewelry for unruly style. Due To The Rain, I Must Accessorize: Fixing My Unruly Style!
#5 Pile on all the arm candy: I love to pile on the jewelry when it comes to my finger rings and my bracelets. When I want the focus off my clothes, I hype up my jewelry, and it works. Most people that I meet always ask about my jewelry, and head wraps.
Accessorizing changes the look of drab clothes. And for me, that is always a good thing to know and do.
 Accessories that elevate Tangie Bell style. Green head scarf, bangles, earrings, colorful sun glasses and orange lipstick

#6 Grab a funky pair of glasses. Why not wear something different to elevate your style. I love it when I find a crazy pair of shades that compliment my crazy and wacky style. Tip: Colorful and fun shaped glasses always catch the attention of onlookers.

SideNote: The trick is to wear something that takes the attention off the unruly parts of your style. It's so easy to use things that you already have around your home. 

There you have it all my tips, hacks, and tricks to fixing and accessorizing my unruly style.

Which item did you like on me the best?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!



  1. Everything looks FIRE on you! When you gonna let me borrow those glasses? Ha!

  2. That green scarf and orange lip goes so well together! Ur style is bomb

    1. Good evening and thank you. Have a great week!

      xo Tangie


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