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How I ReRoute A Boring Weekend: My Weekend Bits And Favorites!

Weekend Bits and Favorites: Taking a scenic walk outside in the city
How I ReRoute A Boring Weekend: My Weekend Bits And Favorites! 

Hello Saturday, I am so glad to see ya! I am popping onto the blog to share a few of my weekend bits and favorites that have helped me reroute

 my boring weekend routines. So, who else is happy that its the long-awaited day of Saturday? I know I am, not that I do not get to enjoy Monday through Friday. But, let's face it; those are the hardest working days for most of us.

And when the weekend comes, I usually want to crawl up in my bed and watch Netflix. Seriously, and before I know it, I am back clocking in at my salon. Although I am happy about seeing my clients and creating new hairstyles. I have been longing for more than the everyday mundane. I must war you. I like to take my days off slow and easy unless I am going out of town.

With that being said let's jump into a few ideas and life hacks that just may reroute a boring weekend

This morning: I woke up early so I could get my sunrise walk in and stop at my favorite local cafe for a hot apple cider. 
I also took my computer so I could do a little side hustle work and answer a few quick e-mails. By the time I finished my drink, I was back outside walking and getting some fresh air.

 But for the most part, I got a chance to do a little window shopping. And I must admit it was actually satisfying and enjoyable. 

Tip: Reroute your day by doing something you usually never do. I typically sleep in, but today I got up and got out for some fresh country air.

Weekend Bits And Favorites: Tangie Bell sharing her choice in outfit wears for the weekend.
The Dress Down Method: I used to have 900 excuses for not going out and seeing the world, and my clothes were one of those many excuses. My closet felt bare, and I never thought I had nothing to wear out even on single days. But, I think I have finally come up with a style hack that has helped me over the last few years. 
It took me a long time to realize it's ok to have casual clothes that look and feel good me as a woman. So, I have filled my closet up with quick shirt dresses, tights crossbody handbags, and boots that are ideal for summer.

I also keep headwraps, so my hairstyle will not be an excuse for stepping out in style. With the look, I am wearing above is simple and sleek and I can re-wear and re-style this look at least 50 different ways.
But, today, I am wearing a thrifted dress, with over the knee boots and my patch long body handbag.
Also, I am wearing my favorite thrifted glasses with the cutest vintage scarf tied in a bow to make my hair look stylish.

Do you think this outfit is cool enough to be casual for a weekend of strolling around town?

Tip: Find clothes that are easy to put on in a hurry so your morning can be quick and easy. Also, lay them out the night before, so getting ready can be simple and quick.

I will never use not having something to wear again as a reason for not getting out and enjoying my weekends. 

Thrift shopping on weekend bits and favorites

Weekend Bits and Favorites: Tangie Bell found a new pair of second hand Gianni Bini shoes at the thrift store.

Image: Gianni Bini shoes found at the thrift store. Weekend Bits and Favorites
Window shopping turned into a little buying spree. I must admit I can never go to a store without picking up one or two things. Ok, I am a sinner when it comes to looking and buying stuff. But, I do have a great excuse, so please hear me out. :)

I am an avid thrift shopper, and I love looking for deals and thrills. That is why when I saw a pair of cute vintage styled Gianni Bini shoes, I had to get them. Yes, they were 14.99, but they had very little wear and tear at all. To be honest, they were in excellent condition, and I was excited they are just my size.

 I just got a pair of boots from the mall for 140 bucks. So, this purple shoe was a steal at my local thrift store. 
Tip: I use my downtime to do what makes me happy, and sometimes that means I have to reroute my mornings so I can fit in what I love doing in my past time. Find your mojo, and then make the time for yourself to have a little fun and enjoyment in your life.

All time snacke for a great day of doing nothing but relaxing and watching Netflix. Ice cream, popcorn and cookies are a part of a good weekend bits and favorites

The weekend to unwind: I must admit I am good friends with my remote and our movie channels. Sometimes I do not always want to go outside, and yes, that does sound a bit boring.  
Sometimes, after a long week at work, I really do want to come home and do absolutely nothing for a few hours.
So, I make sure I line up all my snacks and gather my paly list of movies to watch.

I have been enjoying suspense movies more over the last few weeks.
Yes, I use my weekend to enjoy a little ice-cream (ok a lot) but whose watching me. Anyhoot, I enjoy having cookies and ice cream if it helps me to unwind. And I will admit it helps me out a whole lot. :)

In conclusion: Over the years, I have been intentionally rerouting my life so it can make sense to me. I am always looking for ways to be simple yet fun and exciting. But, I've discovered life is what I make of it. And how I choose to write the story will definitely depend on my happiness and well-being. 

No matter what I chose to do on the weekends, I have learned how to reroute myself a not so boring day. But hey, what I think is boring may not be for the next person.

On your days off, how do you handle those dull moments that occur doing your downtime? Leave me comments I would love to know.

Hope you enjoyed my latest weekend bits and favorites:)

What would you do differently?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That multicolored pattern bag is so beautiful and it compliments your outfit so well. Your style is FIRE


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