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How To Copy My Granny's Sweet Kale Salad:This Helps Me Poop!

How to make sweet kale salad at home: Bits of Food
I am just jumping onto the blog to share a copy cat version of my granny's sweet kale salad. 
Side Note: If you want to poop, this recipe is for you.

I do not know about you, but I was never a fan of salads as a kid, especially the ones made with Kale. But, there was only one person who could get me to eat anything green and leafy.

Yes, you guessed right; it was my, granny and she had a way of making the yuckiest foods taste really good. I am almost positive it was her down-home southern cooking and charm that always won me over. My granny loved eating healthy late in her life, and I loved watching her do it because I was never going to get on the bandwagon. LOL, so I thought.

One day I came home super hungry, and all she had in the kitchen was some leftover old salad. This wasn't just any bowl of greens with dressing. It was a masterpiece filled with coleslaw, Kale, carrots, onions, chicken, raisins, apples, and pears. Not to mention, there was a sweet crunch and taste to the salad that I can never explain. 
And to this day I swear there may have been a few prunes in the mix. But granny would never tell the secret no matter how I begged. I guess I wasn't her favorite grandchild, after all. :)  #sorrygrandma

Although my grandmother is no longer with me, I still crave that salad from time to time. So, today I am going to attempt her recipe and hope it turns out just as good as I remember. 
How to make kale salad at home using apples
Let's make this supercharged and sweet kale salad. First, I cut up a few apples. Apples are linked to lower the risk of diabetes.
How to make kale salad at home using pears
Then I use a large pear, which can help aid in weight loss and heart disease.
How to make kale salad using apples, pears and chicken
Since I did not want to cut up carrots and Kale, I just bought a pre-packaged kale mix that has bacon, sunflower, and a sweet onion citrus dressing.
Honestly, this salad mix is almost better than my grandmother's. The flavor and the crunch are absolutely amazing.

Mixing Chicken with Kale Salad: How to blend for eating
The last thing I do is mix all the ingredients from the bag into a big bowl. Then I add some sauteed chicken and mix very well.

The final step is tossing all those crunchy apple and pear bits into the mix. And there you have it a crunchy sweet kale salad that is packed with nutrients and fiber. 
Tangie Bell eating her granny's sweet kale salad for the first time
Last but not least, place salad in a bowl and enjoy. 

Salad Mix
Side Note sunflower seeds are great for Vitamin E, and Kale is loaded with antioxidants.

This salad is packed with all the things needed to help aid in living a healthy lifestyle. When I am having trouble pooping, this salad is my go-to food. Kale is packed with nutrients that have poop powers, including fiber. 

So, I guess this dish is rated 100% healthy and !00% good.
There you have it a great salad that will help aid in good digestive and free you of poop. 
As I am getting older, I need to eat the foods that help with my bowels, bloating, and vitamins.

Let me know below if you try this easy dish?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That Salad looks so Yummy and I’m definitely going to be recreating it!

    1. Yes, it is amazing..let me know if you try it?
      xo Tangie


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