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I Bought A Few New Spring Accessories! How Should I Style Them?

Jewelry Ideas: Three Flamingo Bangles brought from the second hand store
I Bought A Few New Spring Accessories! How Should I Style Them?
A Few Jewelry Ideas from The Thrift Store!

I am so glad we are getting close to the end of winter. Ok, maybe not that close, but it's looking pretty bright around my neck of my woods. Nonetheless, I couldn't wait to shop and grab a few spring accessories that I think used to be on-trend at some point in the fashion circle.

I am not a fashion guru, but this year I must admit I will be wearing lots of greens, pale whites, and marble style clothes, jewelry, and shoes. Since coming out of a style rut, I've been looking for things that would add dimension, depth, and character to my daily style. Sometimes, I get my style, and sometimes I do not. So, with today's picks, let me know how you would style them up? Give me your honest opinion on the new things that I am sharing with you guys today?

I have four things to share, and they all came from the second-hand store. Let's jump right on into today's shop and haul post.

I have been snooping around stores lately with a mission in mind. For example, what colors do I  like, and what type of style vibe am I trying to achieve?

While on this shopping trip, looking for jewelry that lit my fire was super easy. But I  will let you be the judge.

My first pick was a set of three bangles that look like flamingoes are etched all around. What caught my eye was the weight and the colors that made the bracelets appear in 3D. I think this spring, I want to play around with things that have animal prints such as birds, cats, and cows, to be exact. I believe adding abstract designs will add a little funky and cool to any style. What do you think? 

Jewelry Ideas: Marble Flower Pearl Brooch
In January, I wore a beautiful pearl brooch to a New Year's party. So, I was super happy when I found this flower pearl pin at the thrift store. This spring, I will be adding more lapel pins and brooch styles to my wardrobe. So, if you are ever out and shopping, go ahead and grab yourself a few brooches to spice up your style. 

I really love the off white styles, but I have a few metal and bling ones as well.
Jewelry Ideas: Long lime green pearl necklace bought from the thrift store
Honestly, I am not big on trends, but I do love it when I can find some really cool items that can be trendy. You know I had to say yes to this green set of pearls that I have listed in the top picture. I think beads are making a comeback and in all colors. The off white is my favorite, but I am now falling in love with the lime green, black, and grey ones. I feel my style is limitless when it comes to styling a cute pair of pearls.
Jewelry Ideas: Three large marble finger rings bought from the thrift store
Lastly, I am really jumping over the moon with finding vintage inspired pearl finger rings. Lately, I've been getting into wearing big oversized rings. But recently, I have added a few mid-size and odd-shaped ones as well. Big Rings on the fingers just adds a bold statement to any woman's outfit. And I must admit I am in for all the styles that are coming this spring. 

In conclusion: Working on my style and wardrobe has become more comfortable as I am learning my body and what I really want to wear.

One thing I am doing differently this year is shopping and wearing the look that fits me from head to toe. Yes, it has been a bit challenging, but I am happy about my style in clothes and jewelry.

There you have it a few accessories I will be adding to my wardrobe this spring.

What colors will you be rocking this year? Do tell:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Now normally, I wouldn't look twice at a pendant or broach but that pearl one is so gorgeous. It looks like a literal flower and its petals are like silk.


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