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I Tried A New Face Mask!

I Tried A New Face Mask!
I Tried A New Face Mask That Is Formulated For Men! 

Would you use products that say made for men? Well, I must admit I just stumbled across something for my skin that as shook my blonde hair straight. :) 

The older I become, the more I realize my skin needs extra care. Over the years, my face has become sensitive to anything that has fragrance and no oil. So, a face mask of any sort was almost impossible to use during the winter and fall months. Because those are the times when my skin would get the driest most crackly
I Tried A New Face Mask! Feeling Good Beauty Bits
The other day I was strolling down the skincare aisles when I discovered something that caught my eyes. It was a pore cleansing peel-off mask but for men. And to be honest, I love using a good peel-off mask for controlling my pores and ripping off any blackheads that are hiding deep beneath my skin.
I Tried A New Face Mask! Tried A Men's Face Mask. Feel Good Beauty Bits
Besides, I heard men's products work better for women because they use less fragrance and no colors. Hey, I can not attest to that, so make sure you do some research yourself.

I Tried A New Face Mask! Tried a men's peel mask. Feel good beauty bits
Nonetheless, I wanted to give this volcanic ash peel mask a try. I am using this treatment on my day off so I can get the full effects of cleansing without putting on make-up before work. 
I Tried A New Face Mask! Peel off mask feel good beauty bits
First, I gently cleaned my face then I piled a substantial amount of the mask on my face. Upon first impressions, there was no smell nor irritation as I waited for the gel to dry.

After, 40 minutes I was able to peel away all the old skin that was on my face. I was floored at the way my skin and face looked, not to mention my skin felt soft.


I believe I may have found something that works on cleaning and closing my pores. Not to mention, my face appeared brighter in appearance.

In conclusion: I wouldn't do a skin peel every week, but twice a month will work best for me and my skin.
I also followed up with a gentle water wash, then I used my favorite moisturizer.
This may have been a men's peel-off gel mask, but it did an excellent job on my face, and I am very impressed.

And yes, I will definitely be adding this little tube to my skincare regimen.

Would you use a men's treatment or mask?

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