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I Wore Orange Clothes: Re-Made Junk Jewelry And Hauled A Few Thrift Bits!

How to make earrings out of junk from the thrift store.

I Wore Orange Clothes: Re-Made Junk Jewelry And Hauled A Few Thrift Bits!

I must admit I took full advantage of my days off from work this weekend. I finally got a chance to try on a few of my recent thrift finds, re-make a few bits of jewelry straight from a junk jar. Oh, and

 I spent a few measly hours snooping around the thrift store for other fantastic junk to style and wear.

Who else can spend hours at the second-hand store? I know I can, and this weekend was all about me doing me. #noshame
So let's start with my crazy fun and bright outfit details.
Clothing and outfit haul: green scarf, leather jacket, clogs shoes, sunglasses, thrift items, : Thrift Snooping
Trust me, when I say my attire for the weekend was very colorful, and YES, it was all pieces that came from the thrift store. No, I did not find all these items at once, they were gradual finds that I've put together for a quick outfit.

First I am wearing my vegan leather jacket 
A pair of brown thrift clogs
multi - colored lularoe leggings ( 100% thrift)
A lime green scarf ( Which is now my favorite thing to wear)
Vintage jewelry
Vintage Glasses (Also thrift )
Yellow Earrings (From A Vendor At The Market)
Baby Doll Dress ( Is My Lat Thrift Item)
What I wore today: orange baby doll dress, colorful leggings, leather jacket and orange handbag.
I know you may be wondering why so much color? Because it brings joy and laughter. Not to mention, I get a whole lot of stares and questions. And why wait until the month of spring to start wearing such a bright and happy color.
I Wore Orange Clothes: Re-Made Junk Jewelry And Hauled A Few Thrift Bits! Thrift Snooping
This outfit was simple and easy to put together. I keep my eyes and thoughts on mixing and matching any and everything together.
I almost paired my orange dress with polka dot tights, but at the last minute went with a psychedelic look. By wearing a pair of bold leggings, I was able to also wear other big and bold colors that matched my entire outfit.
Yes, I am wearing and doing a lot with this outfit, but the style shouldn't be boring. So, go ahead, grab yourself some color, and rock it forward. 
Side Note: As I am getting older, I want to have fun with my style, and I hope you guys can see how I am overcoming my style rut. That is my story, and I am sticking to it. :)

I Wore Orange Clothes: Re-Made Junk Jewelry And Hauled A Few Thrift Bits! Making Jewelry Out Of Junk
Also, I had a chance to hang out with a few friends for a night of playing cards and eating pizza. Now, the more you as the reader get to know me, you will find I love being extra sometimes. Ok, all the time, but who's watching? 
I Wore Orange Clothes: Re-Made Junk Jewelry And Hauled A Few Thrift Bits! Thrift Snooping
I must admit I love going to parties, for the food, fun and to see what everybody else is wearing. Yes, I am one of those friends who look at what other women are wearing. 
Let me explain, once many moons ago, I showed up at a gathering wearing the same old dress my friend was wearing. After laughing and talking about it, I discovered she went got her dress on sale, and so did I. 

Yes, girl, we wore the same dress we found on the clearance rack. So, I do not show up at the party unless I make something to wear. 
I Wore Orange Clothes: Re-Made Junk Jewelry And Hauled A Few Thrift Bits!
So, this time I am making something from a junk jar I found at the thrift store. Although I am attending a card game, I will be using scrabble game pieces, dominoes, and possibly marbles.
I wanted to make something that was of no-fuss doing it myself.

First, I dumped out all the game pieces and thoroughly washed and cleaned them bit by bit.
After drying them, I picked out only the lightweight pieces
How to make your own game earrings:

All you will need is
E-6000 glue
Earring Post and Back Ends
Rhinestones (optional)

I flipped over each one of my parts, added a small dollop of glue, the added the earring post and back. Allow to dry overnight (optional)
If you look closely at the picture above, you can see I added a few rhinestones to the black dots on the smaller dominoes.
I must admit this look was a hit, and all my friends noticed when I entered the room.
 And I love it when I can show them how to make their own.

Image: Tangie Bell thrift shopping at a local Dallas Second Hand Store. Thrift Snooping
In conclusion, I have been spending a lot of time looking for things to decorate my bedroom as well as my style.
I almost brought home three Marilynn Monroe portraits for my new and upcoming wall collage. But, I decided to pass due to I want to stay in alignment with the dark wood brown trimmings. So, if I find some used large wood frames, I will definitely go back and grab those pictures. 

On this trip, I did not try on any clothes, because I was looking for junk jewelry, shoes, and handbags.

I found a slew of things that were absolutely amazing such as this orange New York boho handbag featured in the picture above. 

Do you think I bought it?

Click the video below to see the full vlog with DIY, outfits, and Haul.

Yes, I am back:)

Which Earring Did You Like The Most?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Orange is definitely your color Girly!! I love the entire fit and those leggings are beautifully patterned!!

  2. I really loved the scrabble earrings! Those are my fav!!

    1. Thanks and those are the ones I wore last night to the game.

      xo Tangie


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