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Shopping Alone + Babbling About Aging With Grace!

Being Forty Something : Tangie Bell sharing Shopping Alone + Babbling About Aging With Grace!
Side Note: I want to live a life filled with peace, love, joy, and aging with grace.

 Whew, we have made it to day 7 of February 2020. And I am super happy about that. Nonetheless, I just left a long day of work, so I decided to stop and do a little thrifting by myself. WOW, I can not believe I just said that because I usually can not do anything by myself except 

work. But, as my kids get older and my husband works a different shift most days, I think it is about time I learn to do things alone. #sometimes

Tangie Bell sharing how Shopping Alone + Babbling About Aging With Grace! Thrifting a green wig at the store
Besides, I am still learning more about myself as I am getting older, but I am up for the challenge. I think I am finally excepting the fact that I am getting older and it is not as scary as it was a year ago.

 I do not believe I am afraid of anything, its just a new learning phase for me at the moment. And it is a little scary because most women I know never talk about aging nor how they really feel about it.
Being Forty Something: Tangie Bell is shopping alone and trying on a blue dress. Shopping Alone + Babbling About Aging With Grace!
 Of course, I know when I think of aging, I do think of the downside of things. You know the things I would rather not say at the moment. But, that is not what my post is about today. I want to focus on the second part of living a life filled with peace, joy, and aging gracefully. 
Tangie Bell is shopping alone and sharing her tips and ideas to aging with grace.
 I know that may sound mundane, but I want to laugh so I can have laughing lines and not wrinkles. I want to babble for many years and tell jokes while my children are still at the house. I want to age with grace and style without worrying about trends. So, therefore I will wear what I want when I want. 
Being Forty Something: Shopping Alone + Babbling About Aging With Grace!
 I used to think shopping alone meant being alone when, in reality, I need that time by myself to learn who I am in this moment. Shopping by myself today gave me so much peace because I was able to relax and focus on me. And I do not feel guilty one bit about that at all. Being forty-something has taught me so many things about getting older, and I can not wait to share them with my girls as they grow in age.
Being Forty Something : Shopping Alone + Babbling About Aging With Grace! Tangie Bell is shopping at the thrift store
Aging with grace to me is not worrying about getting old but enjoying every stinking moment of living life. As of late, I have been taking a new outlook on the way I treat myself and live my life. I used to carry everybody else's baggage, including my own. This year I didn't set too many goals, I just started turning my own life ship around. 

If you are wondering how I turned my own Titanic around, then keep on reading.

I got creative and stopped complaining about the things I wanted to do and accomplish.

So, here are your weekend tips!

Get Creative: I have gotten off my grind of making things that I love. But, as of last week, I've been making myself some really cute rings and things. So, get a new hobby for 2020. You can thank me later.

Carve out some alone time for yourself. I know its more fun when you have a buddy with you. But, trust me, a little alone time will have you feeling refreshed and alive.

Besides, I love thrifting, and when I go, I may be in the store for several hours. Not to mention trying on one hundred styles of dresses. 

There are so many ways to age gracefully that I have lost count. It doesn't matter what anyone says I have to believe that I am supposed to be happy, free, and it's ok for me and you to age gracefully.

I can o on and on, but I will stop right here. I hope you guys have a great weekend, and no matter what smile by any means necessary. 

Let e know in the comments below: What have you done alone that made you happy?

Please share I am quite nosey at my age now. :)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


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