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The Purple Dress That Made The Perfect Wedding Sense! Or Did It?

Judge My Style Wedding Day Outfit: Purple Dress, Boots, Pearls, Hand Bag : Wedding Outfit
That one post where you can judge my style.
And it's all about The Purple Dress That Made The Perfect Wedding Sense! Or did it? 

It took a minute, but I finally did it. You know, found a dress that was a real needle in the haystack.
Ok, quick back story, I was asked to be in a wedding, and the only requirement was to wear a purple dress. The style and type of purple palette were up to me. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, I thought the same thing. 
 Since I am a planner, I jumped right onto the project of looking for the perfect dress that was my style.
  I went to Zara, JCPenney, Macy's, and I even tried my luck at Urban Outfitters.
Actually, I went into the last store to buy one of my favorite vintage coffee cups. But, hey, I did look for a purple wedding dress while I was there.
Now, I did find a few long ball gowns at the mall, but they looked like prom dresses, and that just wasn't my vibe.  I should have done a dressing room chronicle because I tried on everything from the rooter to the tooter. (that's country lingo for trying on everything in sight) lol:)

Judge My Style: Tangie Bell Wearing A Purple Dress from the thrift store for a wedding. She styled it with pearls, Leather Jacket and handbag with granny boots

I spent days, which turned into weeks looking for the best dress that made sense to me. So, it dunned upon me why not try the second-hand store. I knew I was taking a long shot going the thrift route. But, after visiting several consignment shops there, it was like a moth drawn to a flame. Ok, I stole that moth phrase from Martin Lawrence when he played in the movie "A Thin Line Between Hate:. But, hey, you get the joke, I hope. 
Long story short, I did find the perfect purple dress that made all the sense to me. Once I got my hands on it, I knew exactly how I was going to style it.

Tangie Bell sharing how she bought and styled her purple dress for a wedding

I wanted the pin-up girl look with an old-world vintage into style. Yes, my mind is that vivid, and I had to find the right dress so I could pull the look together.

So, here are the full detail

I went with a thrifted purple dress, then I added a candy cane underneath to give off a puffy style.
Next, I added my favorite thrifted pearl necklace, and my cat eyeglasses, which are also thrift.

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My handbag and costume boots came from the same consignment shop that specializes in costumes. They were also used but a bit pricey. But, hey, they were my style, and I knew I wanted them.

Long story shorter, I finally found the perfect purple dress, and yes, it made all the sense in the world to me.

In conclusion: I chose this type of dress because it fit my body and style perfectly. It had sleeves that camouflaged the imperfections of my arms. The length was below my knees, which worked with making me appear to look elongated. This style of the dress covered all my backsides and unflattering body parts that I did not want to be seen. At my age, I did not want a dress that had my back, arm, and all my legs out at a wedding. Later that night, I put on my black thrifted bikers leather jacket.

So, in conclusion, I think I made a good choice and found a dress that made me look and feel good at the end of the day.

Also, the wedding was a brilliant success, and I am happy about that.

Now there you have it the purple dress that made the perfect wedding sense! Or did it?

You be the judge. Would you wear this style for a wedding?

What would you change?

Would you like to see me mix match this dress with other things from my closet?

Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Just a little style inspiration:) see ya soon-bye.


  1. Those boots are something serious! They are so unique and compliment the outfit so well


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