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Ageless Gothic Style + Empty Thrift Store Snooping Try On!

Tangie Bell at Thrift Store wearing Gothic Clothing and Thrift Snooping For Used Items
Ageless Gothic Style + Empty Thrift Store Snooping Try On!

Sorry for the late post I've been prepping to close down my shop for the next two weeks. But, it's ok I will be home doing other things to get my life organized and on track. No matter what is going on right now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope all you guys are doing well and finding positive things to read, view, and follow. I will be uploading all the content that had to take a back seat due to me working 9 to 9pm. So expect some new things popping up over here for your entertainment and viewing pleasures.
As of right now, I will officially be taking life light without offering any apologies for doing so. Now let's thrift snoop you beautiful creatures. :)

Thrift Snooping And Trying On Pink Secondhand Sun Glasses.

So, let's jump right on into this post and have a few good laughs at my ageless gothic style. As. I am getting older; I am falling more in love with the dark side of clothes. I notice it is becoming more of my vibe, and I love that because I am genuinely finding myself and my style.
Thrift Snooping And Trying On White Polka Dot Shades From The Vintage Boutique
 After coming out of a style rut, I leaned more toward the dark side of clothing, and I style myself around that. I get asked a lot about how I find the pieces that I wear. The answer is simple, I have all dark dresses, leggings, and tops, so I can dress those pieces up quickly and swiftly. 

Sometimes, it looks as if I am wearing the same outfit, but look closely, I am not. My vibe is totally different every time I walk out of the house. 
Sharing Today's Gothic Look. Black Dress, White Pearls, Witch Boots, Arm Bracelets and Polka Dot Scarf

Today's look is simple, I am wearing a thrifted black dress with a low back and high front with lace trim.
I am a big fan of pearls, so I always grab them anytime I see them at the thrift store. I prefer secondhand because they can get a little pricey when purchased from the mall. But either way, if you find some go ahead and grab them. Pearls always spice up a woman's look. I also wear a lot of headwraps, and polka dots can change any look in a split second. 

Honestly, I feel incredibly ageless when I mix my vintage prints with a modern gothic look. That goes to show you gals you can mix and match your style to fit your vibe at all times.

Tangie Bell trying On Secondhand earrings and jewelry
Now let's get into a little bit of thrift snooping and try on. I can never go into the goody will without heading over to the jewelry section. 
I am on the lookout for earrings, bracelets, and vintage brooches for my dresses.

Ageless Gothic Style + Empty Thrift Store Snooping Try On! Necklace Try On at Goodwill
When I can not find the style I really want, I look for items I can take apart and make my own. 
Looking for sales at the thrift store.
When going thrifting, I look for the deals, thrills, and sales. And I love shopping in the evening because it is quiet and I tend to find better clothes when fewer people are in the building. I like .50 jewelry days, and I am a fan of broken pieces I can fix myself. 

Side Note: If something is broken, ask for a discount even if the item is already discounted.

Tangie Bell buying used vinyl records from the thrift store
I am a record collector, and I love the old school vibes when listening to music from the '40s '50s '60s and '70s. Since I have a record player, I love snooping through all the 9inch records. Yall I can literally spend hours in one spot. Shuffling through the blues and vintage sound from way back when.
I can see why the 90 babies prefer the 70's and groovy times, we were blazing hot, and those times are really timeless.
Shopping for second hand books, CD's and records from the 70s

So, next time you find yourself creeping around the secondhand stores fall into the music and books section. If you see something I like, please send it to me asap. :) jk!

Trying On Green Dress From The Vintage Boutique Store

I know it is almost Spring, but I am grabbing all the items I can that are going on sale for 4 bucks. I tried on a green dress that will be ready for Fall, and it was under 5 dollars. 
Thrift Snooping Cream Camel Coat.
Then I tried on a light camel's coat that was in excellent condition.

Try On Camel Used Coat Vintage Style
Yes, this had to come home with me because it was barely worn, and I grabbed it for 14 dollars. #superstylish
Side Note: It's ok to shop in, out, and around seasons because some things are too good to leave behind.

Some other things I buy when I thrift are shades, and yes, I did grab those pink cat-eyed ones pictured above and the white polka dot ones. I already have every style in black, so I had to get the white ones to add to my collection of glasses. 

Try On Second Hand Yellow Shoes
 I also scored a yellow pair for 6 dollars off the sales racks of Goodwill, and they were my size. 

Ageless Gothic Style + Empty Thrift Store Snooping Try On!

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I love scarfs. I use them to style up my hair, neck, wrist, and handbags.
Trying on used secondhand, thrift scarves
Although polka dots are my favorite, I've been grabbing all types, with textures and designs. I can not wait to style the ones I just got recently.
Buying used art and decor for bedroom. #thriftsnooping
I can never go into the thrift store without looking at home decor to decorate a small space or my bedroom. Lately, I've been looking for pieces that will bring out the bright colors my husband and I have added to our room. I will be sharing that with you guys soon if you would like a room tour? 
Shopping for used dresses at the thrift store
Although this trip landed me with lots of coats, I am still happy with my thrift snooping adventure.

A haul will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that coming your way. But, I did buy everything I tried on above and a few more bits.

That you have it a little thrift-tainment for anyone who wanted to read something a little chilled.

What was your favorite item?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
Be Blessed, Don't Stress, and I wish you all Peace, Love & Blessings! Happy Thrifting Beautul Babes:)

xo Tangie


  1. Your style is truly impeccable, I am honestly a fan! How can one have so much STYLE ?? <3


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