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Coffee At Home And Getting Crafty!

How to make turquoise earrings and rings with coffee. Jewelry Ideas and Craft making project
 Coffee At Home And Getting Crafty!
Today is the day to get a cup of coffee and lets something crafty. Ok, I am a tad bit dramatic, but that is how happy I get when I can make something cool, wearable and fashionable. 
 But, with all jokes aside, I am home 30 minutes early so I can make a big cup of coffee and start on this week's crafts. Come join me and be amazed by what you really can do yourself right at home. I promise no real talent is required. :) So, come on into my space!

So, I am invited to a turquoise party and guess who has to make the jewelry for over 20 guests?
Coffee and Jewelry Making tutorial.
Yep me! :)

Side Note: This party is 

It's a beach party, and we will all be in white clothing wearing turquoise accessories. So, everything has to be white except for our shoes and rings and earrings.

Since I am in charge of making 20 rings and 20 pairs of earrings for this event, after work,,, I will be heading to my nearest craft store to buy everything I need

It took me another 40 minutes to find one thing that would give me a beachy vibe. Honey, we live in Texas ain't no beaches close by me. :)

At the very last second, I ran across a brooch and two tiny bluish small things that I could turn into a pair of earrings.

You already know my DIY juices were flowing.

So, I made it all the way home put on a large pot of Mardi Gras Community Coffee because this is going to be a long night. If my idea pans out, then I will only have 19 more rings and things to make everything to go.

The items I am making tonight is a trial run, please let me know if you like the turquoise ring and earring studs I am making for my friend's party?

How to make a turquoise ring for a party.
Let's jump right on into aking the rings, shall we? I thought this was going to be an easy project, but after going to several stores, I was having bad luck.

Until I found a turquoise brooch, that I can take apart and sand down to turn into a ring. So, here we go, I am going to give this a try.
First, I decided to use my needle nose pliers to break off the pin and other metal pieces off the backside.
How to use back ends to make jewelry.
Then, I grabbed one stretch ring component to adhere to the back of the brooch. I like to use the stretch ones because I will not need to measure each guest's fingers. The stretch from the ring will fit almost everybody who will be receiving a set for the party. I am confident this idea will work
Tangie Bell is showing how to use E-6000 glue to adhere back end components to a ring.
 For this project, I will be using E-6000 glue to adhere the components to the rings. This method is super easy and will last for years. I usually use metal glue, but I can't take a chance on people being allergic to metal solutions. It is very unlikely, but I do not want to take that chance with this project.

SideNote: When making items to sell, or give away, try to use non-allergic glues. Pay close attention to the small writings on the package, it may say (Chemicals used in this product is harmful to the skin when used or inhaled.)

How to make rings at home while drinking a cup of coffee
When my glue gets a little stick, I then add it to my ring, press, and hold. Side Note: Allow to dry 24 hours before wearing.
Yes, it really does take that long, or the project will fall/break apart when wearing.

If selling on the web, I suggest using a stronger method, it will cut down on returns.

How to make earrings at home while drinking coffee and getting crafty
Moving forward with the earrings, I decided to break off all the parts I did not need.

Then I added a small amount of glue before adding the earring backs to make studs.
How to make earrings at home with glue, and earring backs

I could have used chains and made dangle earrings, but I opted for the stud style instead.

Which one would you have made?

The finished project of turquoise earrings and one ring. How to make at home.
There you have it a complete look at the ring and earring set I will be making for my friends/ party.

I think it has turned out to be so, cool chic, and classy.

What do you think? Could this idea of jewelry making be a winner?

This is literally a 5-minute project, but it will take a full day to dry before wearing or selling to anyone.

Items That You Will Need For A Project:
A Ring Thing (Of Your Choice)
Earring Studs
Stretchy Ring Components
Earring Backs
E-6000 Glue
Pliers (Optional )

All these items listed above came from my local Hobby Lobby.
This idea can be done on any jewelry project imaginable, and the possibilities are endless.

There you have it this week's jewelry project. Have a great and blessed weekend.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie



  1. That entire jewelry set just screams vintage with a boatload of class! It looks lovely and love the turquoise as well


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