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Creating New & Better Habits?

New Magazine From Store. Creating New & Better Habits?
Creating New & Better Habits?

Is It Too Late To Start Creating Better Or New Habits? WOW does anyone have the answers? If so, by all means, drop us a comment below?
I guess it's true it takes 21 days to start a new habit. And for some such as myself, I need at least 30 days to jump start my butt into full gear.

Where Am I Going With This Blog Post: This week alone, I found myself just going to work and heading straight back to my place of living. No matter what is going on in our nation, I am deciding not to live in fear at all.

I am doing my part, washing my hands, and I have cleaned our home from top to bottom. Not to mention all the closures in the city and my girls are home all month from school.
So, I came up with a few better and new routines that I want to implement during this downtime of being off and at home for Spring.

Honestly, 2020 has jumped off to a crazy start for so many people, but I can see a bright tunnel ahead of all this stuff.
Fruits and Veggies For Better Eating. Creating New & Better Habits?

Creating Better Habits: By using my time wisely and doing things that will get me one step closer to feeling accomplished after doing a task. I want to get better at walking again by finding a new trail or place to stroll. I think I've fallen out of love with exercise because I've been doing the same old thing day in and day out.
Yes, it is time for a little change to occur. Life, as we all know it, is moving super fast, but we still have to make time for our bodies.

I miss making my favorite smoothie recipes and eating extra green leafy salads with my hamburger. :) Now you know I can not give up a juicy & well-done burger smashed with piles of bacon and steak fries on the side. #justbeingreal
At my age, I understand portion control,,, so I will still eat my favorites but withing reason. This year I promised myself I would not put unrealistic goals for myself.

I know I am not going to give up my soul food eating, but, I will get back to intentionally start again, creating better workout habits.

The moral of the story Is: No matter what is happening in life, there is always room to do better.

What are you doing to better yourself at the moment?

Shopping second hand necklaces. Creating New & Better Habits?

Be More Style Conscious: Ok, I know living a sustainable lifestyle is an all the craze on the internet. But, as for me, I want to shop more second-hand items as my way of giving back to my community. Whenever I go thrift shopping, I also take a bag of clothes or shoes to replace the inexpensive items I do buy. 
I am hoping for a day when I can go fully second hand and only buy things that are gently used. Not to mention, I am trying to ease my family into a more gentle way of styling and decorating their new homes.

It's pretty easy for me to shop consignment and markets but not as much with my family. So, I will continue to shop at the mall's clearance and sales racks.
Nonetheless, I intend to keep better habits when it comes to the way I shop and buy things.

Since being home with my family this week, I have been cooking more in which I will be sharing with you guys in a later post.

Also, doing my time at home, I have been making small plans outside the house.

It's long overdue to create some new memories in life that are not superficial but realistic. I guess the schools being closed and all the things that are happening in the world at the moment. I realize some things this week, overworking and not taking time for self, and others must stop right now.

In conclusion: I am in the process of creating better and new habits that will impact me and my family's life. There is so much more to life than just existing, and I am ready to start creating those moments.

Tonight I will be sitting down with the hubs and the girls, with pizza, and watching Honey I Shrunk The Kids on Disney Plus.
Sunday will be our date night, but tonight it will be about the family and chill.

I know a lot is going on around the entire world. But what will you be creating that will form better habits?

Leave me comments below.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I will be creating better habits by being intentional with my own work ethic and reading more!!!! I think we all have a little bit more time on our hands at the moment so I really want to utilize mine wisely!


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