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Honey, You Are Never Too Old To Dress Up: How I Mixed And Matched My Monday Outfit!

How to mix and match a Monday outfit. Judge My Style. Seen First on Bits and Babbles blog
Honey, You Are Never Too Old To Dress Up: How I Mixed And Matched My Monday Outfit!
 Ain't No Monday Blues Over Here Hunnay!
Although I am no fashionista, being in my forties has really shaken me and my style. What do I wear, how do I wear it and do I really look age appropriate in my choice of style?

Those are a few of the questions I ask myself daily since coming out of a long style rut. Sometimes, I just look in my closet and stare for a few minutes before trying on the same ole' thing over and over. Ha! I know I am not the only one. But, never fear I am here to share how I am mixing up my style with basic stuff I already have. 

Sharing how she styled her Monday Outfit by mixing and matching thrift with luxury. Judge My Style Seen First On Bits and Babbles Blog
 So, today is Monday, and I wanted to dress like basic betty today. No, seriously, I was planning on wearing a pair of joggers and a t-shirt, yeah that basic. But then I realized that was my weekend wear and I needed to get up and fix myself up. Ugh, but it is Monday, who really cares on the first day of the week?  Yes, I really do talk to myself. I guess that comes with old age. :) That is what I heard from my elders.

Judge My Style: Seen first On Bits and Babbles Blog. Honey, You Are Never Too Old To Dress Up: How I Mixed My Monday Outfit!
 So, back to how I mixed up my Monday outfit. Since I have worn everything in my closet, I now need to find a sensible way to mix and match what I already have. So, I grabbed a dress I haven't worn in a while. Then I put on my same jacket paired with my Gianni boots, She In white handbag, and my 70s inspired earrings. Not only can I wear this look at my salon, but it is perfect for a movie date, brunch with my friends, and a meeting with my boss. 

Being Forty-Something Tangie Bell is sharing how she mixed and matched her Monday outfit. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

I am not a big fan of overdressing, but I am loving playing around with clothes I already have in my closet. Honestly, I know it is time to purge, but I have a lot of black items that can go with any accessories I buy in the future.

If I had one take away from today's look, it would be too stop over-analyzing the simplicity of dressing up.

I am not too old to style myself, and it is not that serious why I want to pile on the accessories.

Every woman's style will be different; that is why I am feeling confident in the way I am dressing now.

I finally realize if I love me and what I am wearing, then the people around me will also.

In conclusion: Being in a style rut is real for so many women, especially of a certain age. But, as I am getting older, it is becoming fun to play with patterns, textures by mixing and matching things up. At the end of the day, if dressing up makes a woman feel good about herself, then I say by all means "Dress Up Girl."

To many other people, it may not be serious, because it is only clothes. Who really cares anyway?

But, I would like to say, after working from 6am in the morning to 6pm at night Monday thru Friday. On my days off, I want to get up, dress up if only for a few hours of the day.
This year I've decided not to let my style go because I am a full-time mom, hairstylist, co-worker, wife, and 24-hour maid both in and out of the house.
Oh, and let's not forget I am running a side hustle. And to be fair, my life is mild compared to most of the women I know who are doing it without any help nor a spouse.

So, if a woman wants to dress up as she ages, I say go for it. Because, Honey, you are never too old to dress up.

Let me know in the comments if you like my outfit for today? #judgemystyle

Full outfit Deets Again:

Dress- H&M clearance rack
Boots Gianni Bini (Dillards)
Handbag She-In
Earrings Thrift
Jacket Thrift

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Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. I loved your outfit diary! So creative and cute! And youre right, you can dress up at any age and still feel fly! Love it!


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