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I'm Ok! Just Trying A New Morning Face Routine!

I'm Ok! Just Trying A New Morning Face Routine!
I'm Ok! Just Trying A New Morning Face Routine!
Don't worry, I haven't flown out of my coop just yet.

Ha! Good morning darlings, I do not know about you guys, but I could use a laugh with my coffee this morning. Since being at home as of late, I've been waking up early and going to bed really late. So, the other day I noticed my eyes were looking bug-eyed from watching Netflix movies and eating junk food till the wee hours of the morning.
LOL, I hope I can get myself back on track real soon. 
In the meantime, I am going to up my morning and skincare game. You know its time to get my face game back on point.
So, I am starting off with some face exercise and google-eyed exercise to get my blood pumping.
Don't worry, I have no proof this works; it just sounds good at the moment. LOL just kidding, I do sometimes make a fool out of myself while standing in my bathroom mirror.

Tangie Bell using one egg, honey and milk to make a mask
 Since I want to brighten my eyes, I will be using everything I have in my kitchen. I am using a tad bit of carnation milk, one egg and a dollop of honey. Yes, hunnay this concoction is worth trying. :)
I'm Ok! Just Trying A New Morning Face Routine!
In a bowl, I will mix all three of my ingredients to make a frothy all-natural face mask.
This mix will help moisturize and hydrate my dull and dry skin. 
Side Note: disclaimer I am no Dr. nor Dermatologist; I just use what's in my cupboard sometimes. When I want to stay away from chemicals or other products, I usually love mixing new things like eggs from home.

On my more simple days, I will do an egg mask to tone and remove dull, dry skin.

Honey masks are great for slowing down the aging process. And at my age, I can use all the slowing down I can get. 

I use milk to cleanse my skin and to yield a younger-looking glow. Ha! it kinda sorta works. But, nonetheless, my skin feels light and airy once I remove it all from my face. 

I'm Ok! Just Trying A New Morning Face Routine!
To combat the puffiness of my eyes, I will be using my shimmering eye pads to depuff and brighten.

I'm Ok! Just Trying A New Morning Face Routine!
Last but not least, I am doing a gentle face wash to remove any residue from during a mask. Then I am going to use my favorite silky skin moisturizer. And there you have it my new morning skincare regimen while staying at home.

I'm Ok! Just Trying A New Morning Face Routine! Tangie Bell Feeling Good : Bits and Babbles
In conclusion: I am always looking for ways to hydrate and uplift my skincare routine. So, incorporating something new once a week has helped my skin feel and look it's best.

Not to mention spending a few minutes to take care of myself has been exhilarating.

So, if you need to have a feel-good day, I recommend making coffee and a quick side mask.

And making funny faces in your bathroom ain't never hurt nobody besides its great exercise for those cheeks.
Today is a good day to find something that will bring a little joy to your face. 

Last tip: Being home has taught me one thing that I will treasure for a lifetime.

Keeping my skin in tack has to be a priority as if I was leaving for work every day. Ha! when this isolation is over, I should have super soft and glowy skin.

I guess I will see what happens in another 30 days.:)

Do you have a weird face routine for your skin? Do share I am nosey. :)

That's it, folks:)

Until Then, See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. Daily pampering has been getting me through as well! I guess I have a new mask to try out!


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