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In My Feelings: Twisted Pink Grunge With A Gothic Twist!

In My Feelings: Twisted Pink Grunge With A Gothic Twist! Tangie Bell sharing Pink and Black scarf styled grunge with a Gothic twist: Judge My Style

In My Feelings: Twisted Pink Grunge With A Gothic Twist!

Hey, guys, I am finally sharing how I style up my gothic grunge looks. I used to struggle with my style, but now I've really been searching for a style that makes me feel good from the inside out. 

And it started with my MOOD!

Yes, my mood has changed the way I look at my body and the way I style it in general.
In My Feelings: Twisted Pink Grunge With A Gothic Twist! Pink

Those of you who have been following me for a while know how much I love secondhand-and thrift shopping. A few months back, when I turned 48, I started looking at my style as a burden instead of an enjoyment.
Tangie Bell wearing pink lipstick for a Gothic and grunge style
After decluttering my closet one Saturday afternoon, I realized I was in a real style rut. I did not like anything I was wearing. And to be honest, I found myself wasting money on buying the same exact things all the time. When I first started my thrift journey, I was grabbing everything cheap. Then I realized all I had was a closet full of mix-matched thrift clothes. I knew I needed some direction. So, I started working on a thrifted wardrobe, and I learned something about myself.
Being a stylist, I wear black a lot, so how can I incorporate a black style into my daily life.
It has taken a while, but now I can honestly say I am well on my way to building myself the perfect wardrobe. 
I needed a versatile style that could go from work to maybe a quick brunch. 

Metal and Beaded bracelets for a Gothic and grunge style
So, I ultimately decided to build my wardrobe around my work clothes. Since I am in black smocks most of the time. I've decided to jazz up the style I already have.
I will explain in another post or possibly in a video on my Youtube channel. The reason being I am still tweaking my wardrobe and will do so until I have the perfect gothic grunge style that fits my life perfectly. So, in the meantime, I will continue to share my journey of coming out of a style rut. 
How to wear a rhinestone vest for a Gothic and grunge style.
Now let's chat about the way I wear my pink style with a gothic twist.
Tangie Bell sharing how she dresses in Gothic and Grunge clothing with accessories

First, I am wearing a dark black dress that I found from the second-hand store. Then I paired it with a pink scarf that I also bought while thrift snooping.

SideNote: One dress can be styled over 1,000 ways. That is a tip I always keep in mind when I am dressing for work or leisure.

Since I am going for a gothic look mixed with a tad bit of grunge.  I decided to go with a pair of gently used pink earrings. 
I wanted to keep my make-up look simple yet basic, by wearing a light base foundation, and a bold pink lip color by NYX powder puff.

When it came to the jewelry, I wanted to wear gold/ and silver metals mixed with a few black beads.

To top everything off, I paired everything with a rhinestone half vest, black shades, pointy-toed booties, and a second-hand purse.

In conclusion: I am learning to play with my clothes by finding pieces that fit my life. When I was a young mom, I wore mom clothes. Now that I am older, I want to wear funky and fly clothes.

I know wearing gothic, and grunge clothing can be a little hard looking in style. But, I am learning to put a twist to a style I already wear every day.

Full Deet To The Outfit Listed Above:

Pink Scarf
Pink Lipstick
Mix Metal Bracelets
Pink Earrings
Black Dress
Black Booties
Black Shades
Rhinestone Vest 
Rhinestone Handbag

All items came from my local thrift store, consignment, and the market. This style can also be found from a quick shopping trip to the local Mall. 

Keep in mind this is my twist to the gothic grunge look, and it can and will be tweaked to fit my style needs.

If you want to see more of the look, there will be a video linked below.

Which item was your favorite?

Until Next Time See You In A Bit!
xo Tangie

P.S. I am literally having fun with my clothes. :) #joinme


  1. The pink is a very nice touch with the outfit, really any pop of color will go in book for an all black fit!

    1. Hey good morning....:) Thanks girl! Stay UpBeat!!!!!!:) sending hugs
      xo Tangie

  2. My favorite part were the sunglasses and earrings! You know I am a firm believer that earrings can change a whole loooook!


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