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Let's Tap Into A New Craft And Make Something At Home!

Tangie Bell Bought The New Bella Grace Book for Jewelry Ideas. Let's Tap Into A New Craft And Make Something At Home!
Let's Tap Into A New Craft And Make Something At Home!

It's day three, and I can finally sit down in front of my computer to make some content. So, today I am turning off my TV and pulling out my DIY and inspirational magazines. Last Tuesday, I finally got my hands on the new edition of Bella Grace's book, and I was super excited. Because I had no idea that I would be closing up shop and staying home for a while. But, hey, that's life sometimes you never know how things will change.
Now, I must admit Bella Grace is not a tutorial or make something at home type of magazine. I have to sum it up as the missing key component that I need for quick words of affirmations. 
I am a big believer in surrounding yourself with positive people, places, and things that bring complete joy. But, when there are no people around, reading a good magazine will surely do the trick.
I love flipping and reading ways to show acts of kindness and finding new ways to live a simple life.

New Earrings From Craft Store. Let's Tap Into A New Craft And Make Something At Home!
 Since we are falling into the Spring season, I have also been looking for bright and colorful things that I can turn into earrings. 

New Crafts To Make Bracelets and Necklaces. Let's Tap Into A New Craft And Make Something At Home!
 Also, I will be making vintage bracelets while I am home for the next two to three weeks. The two pieces I have pictured above can be placed on a chain to wear as a necklace. Or placed between stretchy cord to be worn as stackable bracelets. The possibilities are limitless, so now is the time to allow your creative juices to flow.
Pre Cut Earrings at Craft Store
SideNote: If you ever go to Hobby Lobby, grab a few pairs of their pre-made earrings, they are simply gorgeous.
When I can not find earrings I like, I will make them myself or grab them from a local craft store.

Let's Tap Into A New Craft And Make Something At Home!
Now let's tap into a new craft and make something at home. Since I am bored, I've decided to use my imagination by getting creative. Last year for Christmas, I bought some fake sunflowers to place on gift cards. I must admit they turned out absolutely amazing.
Making earrings at home using E-6000 glue
While being at home this week, I decided to take some of my scraps and crafts and make something to relax my mind. 
Making earrings out of flowers
So, I took a tube of E-6000 glue and made a whole tray of flower earrings.
Items used: fake flowers, earring backs, and glue. 

Woman wearing flower earrings.

It takes two days to thoroughly dry before wearing them. Here is a quick look at one in my ear. I am in love with the tiny ones, and I can not wait to wear the yellow sunflower ones.

Well, there you have it a quick to do nothing idea to do right at home.

In conclusion: As we sit around the house, this is the time to get really innovative. And remember its ok to do absolutely nothing at this time. At this time, I will be showing some other content so, stay tuned for that.

I know things have been slow for everyone doing this global downtime, but I am optimistic that everything will work out.

In the meantime, I will be staying productive by finding new things to do at my house with my family.

What are you guys doing to stay entertained and busy at the moment?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Those sunflowers and pearls are a great combination! They are stunning

  2. Those earrings turned out sooo cute!! Also, I am staying entertained by reading and watching movies!

    1. Thanks Carey I will be making more stuff soon:)
      xo Tangie


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