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Spring Is Coming, And I Want To Work On My Tummy: My 3 Favorite Food Bits!

Spring Is Coming, And I Want To Work On My Tummy: My 3 Favorite Food Bits!
I am sharing three of my favorite easy at-home food bits that work wonders on my tummy and bowels! You will be amazed at how yummy and affordable my favorites food bits are.  
With Spring being right around the corner, I am getting on the trend

of eating things that are good for my tummy. And, today I will be sharing 3 items that taste good and also help me release bad bacterias. And most of my picks have ultimately helped me in losing a little belly weight slowly and naturally.

I must confess I am not a doctor, this is a post sharing all the yummy things I enjoy eating, but it also helps keep my bowels regulated. Also, I am not a person who gets up and workout every day; I prefer my occasional walks and morning jogs so I can feel good naturally without feeling the pressure of getting on a treadmill every day. So, three times a week, I do incorporate foods and drinks that are healthy and help me stay well balanced.

I talk a lot about eating things for my bowels, because that is where my problem occurs, not being regulated. But, it's ok with a little know-how and knowledge. I am always buying things that help soothe my tummy and keeps my pipes running in the right.

What types of foods and drinks do you use for bowel regularity?

If you are anything like me, I prefer all-natural foods and snacks.
So, let's jump into a few of my favorite things that are affordable to buy and try.
Regular Tea
Three Food and drinks that help with tummy and bowels movements
I know at one point everybody was on the belly loss teas that were so-called herbal. But I never got into those things because I can get results with plain ole' homemade teas. So, several times a month, I will browse the aisles of my favorite grocery stores to find a basic tea that tastes good to me.

Spring tea at night helps with tummy loss. My three favorite food bits
I do not look for anything that says helps with weight loss, I only want something I can sip and enjoy after dinner. My favorite thing to do is boil hot water, add one teabag, honey, and a slice of lemon. I find making a simple hot tea drink right before bed always relaxes my stomach from a long day of work and eating. Also, several times a week, I turn down drinking my favorite coffee every morning.

Let's Chat Prunes
Eating Prunes for Spring To help lose tummy fat and release bowels
Ok, this may sound a bit weird, but when I have my tea with a few prunes at night, my morning releases are much better. Prunes are high in fiber, and they are a great small fruit that helps with the digestive system. Not to mention, it is packed with iron, which I need plenty of every day.
Eating prunes help regulate the tummy and keeps the bowels moving
Side Note: I do not eat prunes every day because it is a natural bowel mover, and I can not have those days of running back and forth to the restroom. But, on my three days of light detoxing, I get down and eat myself plenty. But, for the most part, one bite a day is fine with a glass of water.

Oatmeal & Yogurt Bowls
A granola bowl packed with chocolate chips, bananas, honey and cinnamon
I love a good yogurt or oatmeal bowl because I can toss any and everything in it. One of my favorite things to grab that is packed with fiber goodness and keeps me full half the day. It is a greek bowl that I love to top with bananas, honey, granola chocolate bits, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Making a granola bowl to help work on tummy and digestive system
When I have a little extra time in my mornings, I will sometimes grab instant oats and pile on the strawberries, blueberries, honey, and granola.  If I am off for the weekend, I will also add in a few sprinkles of fiber powder. But, I have to be off work when I do that in the mornings. 

In conclusion: I am no dietician at all. I only choose foods and drinks that naturally help aid in the loss of belly fat. 
The older I am becoming, the more I realize I need to incorporate food that keeps my bowels going. I know people who do it to lose weight, but I do it to keep me healthy. If I lose belly fat, I am cool, and if I do not, I am still cool as long as my body is releasing toxins. My concern is having adequate amounts of bowel movements with or without belly fat.

I no longer stress out about my body, I just want to make sure I am eating and drinking enough.
I'm super happy with the skin I am in, so when I detox, it's only for regular maintenance.

There you have it my three favorite food bits that are perfect for bringing in the Spring.

Which item was your favorite?

Give me food ideas to try? 

I just may feature it on the blog. #sostaytuned

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I love me a good old oatmeal bowl!!!! I also am a big an of the tea as well! You should try some tea with blurberry belvita snacks! Yummy! SOO good!


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