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Springy Accessories That Look Good On Women: My Thrift Bits And Favorites!

Yellow 70s Handbag From The Thrift Store. Thrift Bits And Favorites
Accessories That Look Good On Women: My Thrift Bits And Favorites!
I know spring has not officially sprung, but I've seen a lot of cute accessories at the thrift store lately. Now, I am ready to pile on all the wacky and cool colors I can find on every aisle. Who else is ready for March 21st to land on the calendars? I know I am not patiently waiting at all. :)

So, I thought I would pop onto the blog today and share a few spring and summer colors that look good on women, especially me being an older woman. Since coming out of a style rut, I am always looking for things to spice up my style.
Over the last few weeks, I have been gathering up all the colors I am planning to wear. So, let's jump off into this post, shall we?
If you want to play around with your style this year, go for bold colors, such as yellow, oranges, bright and dark pinks.

Yellow Thrifted Handbag Sitting On The Shelf At Goodwill
The first thrift item I found was a faux leather 70s inspired handbag. You guys know I had to grab and add this one pictured above to my collection. I think it has the right amount of brightness to jazz up any outfit in my closet.
Sidenote: When secondhand shopping looks for handbags that have character, depth, and texture. You know crocodile or gator prints.

Magazine clutch handbag. Accessories That Look Good On Women: Thrift Bits And Favorites
 Also, look for purses that look like magazines, or cartoon patterns, I think they add a little spice to any wardrobe. I grabbed mine from my local consignment shop for 20 bucks. Yes, that was a bit pricey for being a used item. But, when I find something that I can style up I will pay the extra coins even if was a pre-loved item
I am in the process of looking for a few crossbody purses that have colorful patches and vintage artwork details.
This year I will be going all out with the scheme of wearing big bright and bold colors this spring and summer.

Yellow Clout Glasses From The Thrift Store. Thrift Bits and Favorites
Let's talk about throwing shade this year, and I am talking about going all out grand. As I am getting older, I find I am falling in love with big and wild-looking shades; b joy to me. So, I think yellow, orange, and really cool shapes of eyewear really look amazing on all women. So, this year I am going for all the cool, vintage, colors, and styles I can find from my local market, thrift, or clearance racks at the mall.
Do you prefer big or small shaped eyeglasses?

Pink 70's inspired Crescent moon shaped earrings. Thrift Bits and Favorites

Other accessories I have my eyes on are weird shaped earrings and things. I love the color pink as of late, and I am so ready to fill my earring collection up with some newly thrifted pieces. Recently, I got a hold of some gold and dark pink half-moon earrings that will give me look just the right amount of pop for those sunny days.
Blue button earrings from secondhand store. Thrift Bits and Favorites
 I used to think art teachers were lame for wearing buttons for earrings and safety pins as a brooch. Now here I go 20 years later, coping a trend that was in style when I was a little bug. I guess it is true everything comes back around and around. Nonetheless, I think adding blues and hues this spring will look amazing. I am thinking about making my own button earrings, but I did grab the ones pictured from goodwill as well.

Blue curve earrings from thrift store: Thrift Bits and Favorites
I am just playing with my style and having fun by trying different looks. Honestly, some things I've purchased have been a hit, and a lot has been a miss. But that is what I love about my fashion now, trying new things.
Metal and Pearl earrings from thrift store. Thrift Bits and Favorites

Last but not least, I am a big fan of wearing pearls, so I had to grab one's pictures above. I think metals and golds will be in demand this summer. I usually lean toward bigger earrings, but I am finding a new style in dainty and quirky things. What is your go-to ear look for 2020?

In conclusion: Spring is almost here then we will be jumping right on into the summer. So, I am looking for items that bring me happiness and joy. That is why I am all over the spectrum of wearing big, bold, and bright colors this year. 
I am no fashion expert, but I do know how it feels to wear something that makes me feel good all over.
I think women should dress the way they want, but if you need a little inspiration, then look for the items I shared above.

Or at least look for those textures and patterns, you will thank me later.

How did I do on this thrift trip? 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Also, a video is available for this post as well. Thanks again for hanging out and babbling with me.


  1. I agree with you about those big and bold colors! You got some really goood stuff! I especially LOVE those gold and pink earrings! Lemme have em!!!

  2. You did an awesome job on this thrift run because you found some unique pieces that are just simply stylish
    Great Job


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