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The Joyful List: Blissful Intentions I'm Introducing For March 2020

Sharing Three Things From The Joyful List while at a cafe. The Joyful List: Blissful Intentions I'm Introducing For March 2020
 The Joyful List: Blissful Intentions I'm Introducing For March 2020
Hello, and Happy Friday! I am so excited to roll out this month's Joyful list, and I almost can not contain myself. 

There has been a lot going on in world news, things like the Nashville Tornado and the daily talk of Corona Virus. Yes, I have been up washing my hands and buying all the cleaning supplies I can get my hands on. 
So, who doesn't need a little joy to stir up the mix? I know I do.
All I want is a day, a minute, or even a second of pure joy. Earlier this year, I made a list of things that I had to get done, such as taxes, work school stuff for my kids. So, my 2020 has already jumped off being busy as a bee, and we are only in March. 
Sitting outside talking about the joyfulness of daily blissfulness. The Joyful List: Blissful Intentions I'm Introducing For March 2020

But, never fear I am getting things back in order so I can have a little control over my life and surroundings. Here's the deal I noticed my 2020 plate was filled up with things I have to do. 

In February, I started realizing I wasn't doing anything for myself as a grown woman besides handling business, working, and doing day to day life stuff. Don't get me wrong; those things have to be done, but I do understand I have to set aside time to live and enjoy life.

I knew I had to make some changes quickly because if I didn't, I was going to be bitter if I saw my co-workers smiling at work. 
Or if my family didn't understand my troubles because I took on more than I could handle. Oh, not to mention I would have logged off the internet because I was feeling down from another influencer enjoying life and posting about it. And all she posted was a picture drinking tea at a cute coffee house. 
Yep, I used to be that small-minded gal. 

Until I learned how to clear off my plate and find my own PERSONAL joy and bliss. 
And yes, it is that simple. 

Allow me to share a few of my intentions for March. 

 I like to do things by the day, week, and month now. Because things can change and sometimes I have to work fast so I can get things done. 

Ok, now that we all are two months into the year, I think it is time I reassess my life goals.
And I want to share a few blissful intentions you can also implement into your daily life as well. 

Look For New Things And People To Celebrate
Example: This Sunday is national women's day, and most people around the world will be celebrating women who do amazing things every day. This will be the time to call mom, sister's, aunts, and friends. The celebration kicks off this Sunday, March, 8th and I am so excited for the women who are making things happen in their lives.
So, if you are a single mom who is working hard for the money, go ahead and celebrate that.  I am pleased to see the woman all over the net who are doctors, Lawyers, and Farmers.

Starting this weekend and beyond, I will be intentionally looking for women who are doing amazing things. 
It's time to help shine on the people we know who are really trying to do something positive with themselves. It is easy to look at a woman's smile and assume they do not have it all together.
As I am getting older, I am looking at life differently, and it has allotted me a smile that is for real.

When I was in beauty school, I didn't run with the crowd that did nothing but have fun all day. I knew I wanted to be a good hairstylist. So, I hung with the people who wanted it just as bad as I did.
 It was our everyday talk, and we dressed the part and wore our crazy hairstyles all around town.

My goal was to be the best, and it took hard work that has paid off me and my family.

But, I had to hang with people who smiled all the way through their tears when it got hard.

SideNote: Always look for people who are going in the direction of your dreams. If someone is a negative Nancy all the time, that Energy will definitely unmotivate you. 

When I am feeling down, I call my best friend, whom I know will remind me of my goals. She always reminds me of the trials and the struggles that come when trying to reach an end goal.
And, sometimes, we all need that one friend who will help push you back on track.  

Now that brings me back to my next Blissful Intention For This Month.

Plan 2 Days Of Doing Something But Really Enjoying Doing Nothing
When is the last time you have been to a  movie, ran sat on your back porch, or called a friend to gossip a bit. You know that call that makes you laugh, cry, and remember how good your life really is.
Well, here's a tip plan a lazy day outside the house and find something to do that is fun. I have found working forty hours a week, and planning no outside time is a quick way to get down in the dumps.
But, I also know I can't hang out every single weekend, so this month I have already planned two things I am going to do with my family and my husband. 

My plans will consist of seeing a movie that we all can watch together. On one of those days, I will be having a date night. I've also planned a day I get to be by myself, O I can work on my side hobbies. 
I made a list for March because I was letting days and times go by with penciling in myself some outdoor recess time as an adult.

Last, but not least Let's chat Energy
There are a lot of things that go on every day that needs our attention. But, there are a lot of things that DO NOT deserve any of our daily Energy.

Today I am taking a stand against my Energy and time being wasted. I will no longer be trying to fix things that need to be moved out of my way anyways. Life moves at a fast pace, so I need to use all my energy where it's most beneficial. 

My year started off so busy and with no rewards or appreciation, but that was all my fault.

But, it took things happening for me to realize my time and energy is valuable, and I need to use it wisely.

So, be mindful of the people, places, and things you put your time and energy into.

Those are the top three things I will be doing in March, and I think those things are reasonable and obtainable.
In conclusion: Life, to me, is all about living with a purpose. What gets you out of your bed every day?  What are your dreams and goals?  Get a piece of paper and answer these questions in a quiet space. 

No, matter what age you remember, you are responsible for your own joy and happiness. 

What will you be doing to bring a little joy and bliss into your life?

Leave me comments because I am so nosy:)

Until Next Time See Ya  In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Taking time to relax and reflect in life is great! It’s something that everyone should take the time out and enjoy! Adding small things will make all the difference tbh

    1. I so agree:) Thanks for commenting!

      xo Tangie

  2. I am going to be taking some time to myself and hanging out with my friends for the weekend. You're right, you do have to be surrounded around like minded people that will motivate you. Good post!

    1. I know that is right Ive been hanging with friends and family more. I can't wait until summer to come:)

      xo Tangie


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