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Weekend Bits And Favorites: Are Magazines Still Popular?

Weekend Bits And Favorites: Are Magazines Still Popular?
Weekend Bits And Favorites: Are Magazines Still Popular?
Just like that, I am all over the Tuesday vibes of life, and I forgot to bring my bits and favorites from the weekend. Yes, you have missed a lot of really cool things that I want to show and tell. So, come 

on in and see what's popping on today's Bits And Babbles.

I am still in awe at how fast the year 2020 is moving, and I am knee-deep with things I need to get done. What about you guys, how's your day, week or month going? Please share I need a little inspiration as well.
Weekend Bits And Favorites: Are Magazines Still Popular?
And speaking of inspiration, do you read magazines are they still popular?  I know most of my friends are avid book readers, including my daughters. But, I lean more toward the pictures and the quick tips from the magazines I buy. Last week I spent three hours at the book store just going through what was new at my local Barnes and Noble Cafe. I was lost flipping through cookbooks looking for new recipes to add to my spring eating.
Being a hairstylist, I am always buying new hair books so I can stay up on new styles people want to try. Not to mention they look darn good in my salon and home when I want a quick read for the evening.
So, I think that is why I lean more toward the mag vibes. When I need to learn another method of making something, I buy the do it your self magazines. The pictures make it easier for me to make what I want. Yes, I add my own little twist, especially when it comes to making jewelry and things.

Lastly, I love a good book, but I love the quickness I can get from a magazine, especially when I need a tip, tutorial, or information on making dinner. I do find them to be a bit pricey at times, last week I bought 4 of them and almost spent 40 bucks. WOW! 
I will be going to my local used book and cranny the next time, they may be outdated, but the information will be new to me.
So, do you prefer magazines or books?

Tangie Bell sharing her all black thrift outfit of the day. Weekend Bits And Favorites: Are Magazines Still Popular?
One of my favorite things to do is make time for the ones I love the most. So, this weekend I went to brunch in Dallas, Texas, with my husband, and I finally wore a full thrift outfit.
Tangie Bell sharing her polka dot black thrift outfit. Weekend Bits and Favorites

Who else loves shopping second-hand for those hidden gems that can spice up any woman's style. I know I do, especially since coming out of a style rut. Although working on my style has become a thing that I am happy to share with you guys.
Nope I do not have it all together, and I am no real fashionista, but honey, I got my style back in these late forties. So, cheer me on.

Today's outfit was about wearing all black, with silver as the break-up pieces.
That's my style, and I love it so much, what do you think of my outfit? Would you wear this style?

Velvet Dress-Thrift
Faux-Leggings Amazon
Rocker Handbag- Thrift
Polka Dot Shades -Consignment and I Bought A Similar Round Pair From Tar-Jay
Earrings-DIY (Made Them Myself)
Boots-Cato Fashion
There you have it a relaxed style that will have you looking funky, fly, and pretty.
Shoe Purge: Weekend Bits And Favorites
 My weekend was also filled with lots of bits that I needed to get done around my home. But, I did not get to it, so I am adding this one on my a to-do list. And, that will be straightening out my shoe closet, because it looks a mess. I need a day just to purge all of my winter and summer shoes. Who else is doing a closet declutter in March? I may or may not make a video about it, because I must make sure that it will be cohesive to do on my Youtube channel. I do not want to be doing random things that don't fit my lifestyle.
Oh, and thank you all who are following and sending DMs we growing, and I am happy about that. If you start a channel, remember to take your time its a slow growth, but it will happen; just find your niche and get in it.
That's my quick tip, and I am sticking to it. So, let me know if decluttering is your jam on Youtube.

I just may keep it right here on the blog. Let me know in the comments below, and thank you in advance?

Pink NYX Lip Powder. Weekend Bits And Favorites
Let's talk BEAUTY! Yes, I have been spending all my hubby's coins on buying my spring and summer colors in lipsticks. You guys' know I love red lip color but feast your eyes on my new lip stain pictured above. So, yes, I grabbed myself the new NYX hot pink powder puff, it goes on liquid but turns into a soft and velvety feeling lipstick.
Hands down this are my new color jam, and it comes in several different colors for light, medium, and dark-skinned women. The color is fabulous, and it had to make my weekend bits and favorites list.
I will be wearing mine soon on the blog, but there are plenty of people who may have a review on Youtube. Type in beauty blogger/vloggers if you want someone who just does make-up only.

Community Mardi Gras Coffee and Marilyn Monroe Vintage Cup. Weekend Bits And Favorites

Last but not least, I spent Sunday morning drinking my favorite Mardi Gras community coffee before the season leaves us. You know Louisiana folk love anything that has Mardi Gras flavors mixed in it. Since I wasn't able to hit up New Orleans, or my hometown Shreveport, I just recently found a few pounds of it here in Dallas at our local Kroger store. So, you know I had to grab 6 bags off the shelf. And since my daughter's fiance will be visiting us this weekend, he is bringing us 4 more bags from Louisiana.
Ok, I must admit my last and favorite bit has been my Marilynn Monroe vintage cup. I am not ashamed to say I grabbed this beauty from the thrift store as a collectible. But, it has since become my new morning cup to have my coffee out of.

There you have it a few of my weekend bits and favorites. I really did do exactly what I wanted to do this past week, and I am happy to share that. I found a few new buys and tries that didn't even break my bank. Ha! so I guess my hubs are just as happy as I am.

What have your weekends been like lately? Did you get out or just relax?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Your style is definitely something I've never seen before! You make thrifted outfits look straight out of the magazine💕✨

    1. Thank you I am trying to upgrade my style.

      xo Tangie

  2. I didn't do anything this past weekend BUT I do plan on hitting up the movies this week and going out to eat at my favorite spot! I love to relax 7 days a week but we all know life aint like that! Ha!

    1. LOL I know right I wish I could as well...But life keeps moving.

      xo Tangie

  3. Magazines are still a thing, well for me of course especially anything with black women on it I'm definitely buying it. I've been sleeping on NYX but I've been put on game with their eyebrow stuff and I would much rather spend the $8 vs the $18 any day.

    1. Hi Sanniyah how are you? Carey and I have asked about you several times. I hope all is well. Also,yes I love NYX, that pink is pretty when it turns into a soft powder. Ive been using the brow for years. I went to Barnes and Noble but I collect alot of my magazines from used book stores as well. They carry a lot of dollar magz. :)

      Well just want to let you know ..Keep going in all you do Hun!
      xo Tangie

  4. I'm doing so much better. I needed and had to take some time away but I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging again real soon.

    I'm definitely going to invest more into NYX and find more dupes for my favorite products as well as support black owned make-up brands as well.

    1. I am so glad to hear that. When you get back to blogging let us know, we will be there to support. And I know you are a fire blogger so get back at it and don't fret the small stuff. Write as if no one cares but you, and that is how you will win. But take your time and work at your own pace. The race is not given to the swift but to the one who endures. Life happens but stay encouraged and motivated. Cant wait to see your dupes. Hugs from my family to blessed!

      xo Tangie


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