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Yes To Being Cheap:How To Spruce Up Your Style On The Low Low!

Tangie Bell sharing her tips and tricks to being cheap and how to spruce up a style on the low.
Yes To Being Cheap: How To Spruce Up Your Style On The Low Low!
I do not know about you gals, but I love it when I can save money and look fly on a dime.

And I know we all are at the house for now, but when this lock-in is over, we will all need a new way to style up for pennies. 
Woman sharing her secondhand handbgs, earrings and rings. Judge my style. Yes To Being Cheap:How To Spruce Up Your Style On The Low Low!
I am no fashionista, but I can surely find ways to spruce up my style by re-wearing and shopping thrifty. 
I must admit I am also a die-hard thrifter, with a nose for finding some good ole' deals and cheap thrills.
Does that really make me cheap? I say Yep and nope. :) You be the judge.
But, today, I am sharing a few of my hidden gems that will help you women look fab on the low low. 

Sharing bracelets from the second hand store
Although I love a good thrift, when I go inside, I run straight to the jewelry. The secret is to look for items that are marked all the way down to almost FREE. So, bracelets, rings, and things, like the ones I have shown above. The white and gold bracelets were all .99, and yes, that was a steal off of a deal.
Side Note: The gold ring was a vintage piece that I added a stretch back to and turned it into a fancy finger-ring.

I will get into that later on in this post. 
Tangie Bell is sharing everything she finds from the mall, thrift and markets. Gold earrings from Amazon.
When I am not in a second-hand store, I can definitely be found shopping online at Amazon. I am not kidding; I look for things that are marked down and under 10 dollars. The reason being is because shopping online can be super tricky. I find it hard to return items once shipped out. And honestly, I do not have time for shipping back returns. 
To be honest, I buy all my handbags and shades from the consignment shops, thrifts, or garage sales. So, when you want to find cute accessories and clothes on the low low, please do not forget the hammy down stores. Oh, and local markets will always lead to unique and gently worn items for an affordable price.
Pearl Earrings; Judge My Style
When I go to the mall, I run to the clearance and sales racks to find the coolest items in the store.
Gold and pearl earrings: Judge my style. Yes To Being Cheap:How To Spruce Up Your Style On The Low Low!
The gold and pearl earrings I am wearing above came from the Goodwill. 
Now back to making my own accessories. I love taking puzzles and random things I find in trash bins. Those make the best earrings once sterilized and made into something unique and fabulous.
Making DIY earrings. Yes To Being Cheap:How To Spruce Up Your Style On The Low Low! Judge My Style

Sharing John Lennon inspired glasses. Judge my style.Yes To Being Cheap:How To Spruce Up Your Style On The Low Low!

Last but not least, the older I become, the more I look for things to spice up the clothes I already have in my closet. If you are a person who wants to save a coin or two, shopping second-hand is definitely the way to go. I know we are all in the house right now, but I am so happy I've kinda sorta mastered how to dress up for pennies on the dollar. Now, you can grab that idea in a pinch. Because style is what a person makes of it. And I believe we all can wear what we want without breaking the bank. 

In conclusion, everything I am wearing in the above pictures came from thrift, consignment, the market, online, and clearance racks locally.  The gold two hoop earrings shown in the first picture are from Macy's.

I hope you guys found some inspiration from my style on the low low. 

Stay tuned; we will have a new post coming all this week.

What was your favorite item? Where do you like to shop for the deals and thrills?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. My favorite items are the ring and the clutch they definitely are statement pieces to me.

    1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sanniyah...thank you. Yes, those are my favorite as well. I hope you guys are being safe and happy. Glad to hear from you. Have a good day.
      xo Tangie

  2. My favorite piece was those gold earrings with the little pearl bottoms! I love them! And you know I like to shop the clearance racks and of course at the thrift stores! Great post!


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