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Isolated Date Night In Our Truck: Marriage Babbles

Isolated Date Night In Our Truck: Marriage Babbles
Isolated Date Night In Our Truck: Marriage Babbles
What happens when a couple sneaks out of the house?
It's no secret that there are not many places to escape from being at home. Right now, the only open areas are the ones deemed essential. Yep, so all the fun has to happen while scrolling the empty aisles of our local supermarket. 
But, honestly, how romantic is that when all I want is one minute outside the house. Doing something other than squeezing loaves of pita bread. 

You guys will never guess how Rico came up with the perfect isolated date night that almost made me cry.
So, yesterday I went to the grocery store for my usual shopping items. You know, like milk, cereal, eggs, and a few pop tarts.  Since I've been cooking every day, I made a list of quick things that we call mere comfort foods. Don't worry before leaving home, I dressed for my trip by wearing my mask and covering my entire body. Besides, we are only allowed to go to the stores that are deemed necessary for the community.
We went into the store and got only our essentials, but unknowing to me, my husband had a surprise planned.
Isolated Date Night In Our Truck: Marriage Babbles: Rico and Tangie eating chick fil a in their truck

 After leaving Wal-Mart, Target and the Dollar store, Rico pulls up to our local chick-fil-a, and says's order what you want. Ha! I guess he is feeling like a boss. So, I ordered the #3 chicken strip dinner and upsized my waffle fries. :)

Isolated Date Night In Our Truck: Marriage Babbles
Now, I thought we were going back to the house so we could eat. But, the closer we got to our home, hubby started to slow all the way down. Then he pulled over where there were flickering Christmas lights. Don't worry, these lights stay up all year round. 

Anyhoot, we parked the car, so we could eat and enjoy at least 30 minutes of laughter and downright country smacking.
Isolated Date Night In Our Truck: Marriage Babbles
Then he did the ultimate thing, pulled out his phone placed on the dashboard, and started a movie.
Isolated Date Night In Our Truck: Marriage Babbles
Yes, honey, he started playing Power that starred 50 cents and a whole lot of other people. So, there I was sitting in the front seat of our truck eating chicken and enjoying my very own makeshift drive-in.
Now that was an escape, although we had a ton of groceries in the backseat.

In conclusion: With so much going on in the world today, it is tough for a couple to find time for themselves.

I think it's vital to find creative ways to keep the stress levels of being cooped up in the house under control. So, heck yeah, after leaving the grocery store, I think it is romantic to eat on the side of the road. It's was something different, and it gave us a few moments of quality time together.

No matter what has happened in 2020, our life, as well as millions of others around the world, have changed. That means I will be embracing more things that bring me joy. I want to live and breathe the small things that make up my little ole' living space.

I am already scaling back on some things that I will be sharing with you all in the future. Today's lesson is: Love covers the small, medium, and big milestones that happen in life.

But, how we adjust to it is what makes the strong standstill. I am one woman who knows how to survive being homeless. And now, I am one woman who has conquered being in isolation with my loved ones.

My One Tip: Spend time with your spouse and time with your family when possible. So, if you are out picking up your weekly essentials, pull over to your favorite restaurant. Grab some food to go and park on a corner, play some music, and act goofy.

Soon our lives will be back to normal with the hustle and bustle of work and possible school.

No matter what happens, everyone, we know, will have a different outlook on life.

I hope and pray it will be for the better of all mankind.

Questions For You: How has 2020 changed your relationship or marriage?
How have you changed as a person?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. 2020 has def been crazy but I think it has changed me as a person and made me think about the choices I am going to make when this is alllll over with! #doingme

    1. so true....a change is definitely in order:)
      xo Tangie

  2. This time has definitely taught me to be more thoughtful! It’s the small things that keeps us from enjoying each other and the moments around us!

  3. you right it is the small moments that keeps us from enjoying life. 2020 has opened my eyes...thanks for commenting!
    xo tangie


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