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Morning Coffee, Pancakes, Bacon, And A Side Of Relaxation!

Morning Coffee, Pancakes, Bacon, And A Side Of Relaxation!
Morning Coffee, Pancakes, Bacon, And A Side Of Relaxation!
Just A Little Morning Babbles:)
The best part about waking up is when I can have a big ole' cup of coffee with sugar and cream.

Which I usually do every morning before heading off to work.

Who else has been preparing and eating more food this year in 2020? I know I have been doing my fair share of food indulging. 
But as of late, I've been cooking eggs, bacon, and pancakes almost every morning. 
Morning Coffee, Pancakes, Bacon, And A Side Of Relaxation!
At first, I was feeling really guilty about all the food I was consuming. Until I realized I was having more conversations with my family than ever. Although we will be in our home for the next few weeks, I deem it necessary to have a side of relaxation. 
Morning Coffee, Pancakes, Bacon, And A Side Of Relaxation!
You know a day where I am not worried about eating that extra slice bacon or that extra fluffy panny cake. So, I've been intentionally cooking comfort foods that bring my whole family out of their rooms to enjoy.
Morning Coffee, Pancakes, Bacon, And A Side Of Relaxation!
Although life has been a little chaotic, I've been using my morning coffee time to just sip and relax.

A tasty morning sip of coffee is a perfect time to sit back and reflect on life as it is happening.

I know just drinking coffee and eating pancakes is not the antidote to having a relaxing life.
But, it can be the cure to sitting still and enjoying the small sweet things about life.

This morning while having my coffee with coconut cream, I indulge in hours of chatter with my family.

That in itself has been relaxing for me. And I intend to keep that ball rolling at least once a week.

Being at home for these last few weeks have taught me that I've been taking life for granted.

I realize my husband and I work long hours, and our daughters are in school all day. So, we meet and greet in passing even on the weekends. 

For the first time, I am sitting down and enjoying my coffee and food without any guilt.

As of now, I am looking for other ways to unwind and find a little everlasting peace in life.

And I genuinely believe this downtime at home has been just what the world needed,

It's a lesson in everything that happens in life, and I think my experience in all of this is to stop, drop, relax, and focus on family.

To be honest, I was just living to work, and now I live with a purpose with my family.

How are you relaxing today?

In conclusion: Things that are out of my control I am putting on the back burner starting now March 2020. And when I get back to work and obtain somewhat of a normal life. I will be clearing my plate of things that do not matter anymore. Such as working unnecessarily long hours and overbooking myself with clients. I am learning as I write this morning that life is too short not to make enjoying life a priority.  Oh, and there is nothing wrong with taking breaks and just relaxing.
This extended time at home has made me realize how I need to take care of me, sit down, and really enjoy a cup of coffee, some pancakes, and bacon. To some, that may sound small, but to me, it has changed my life all from life being forced to shut down momentarily.

Yep, that is a gamechanger.

So, what are you having for breakfast today?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

My Recipe Is Simple

Bacon was cooked in the oven
Today was all about boiled eggs
And I use a quick pancake mix. Just water added honey:)
Orange juice and of course coffee gently stirred with coconut creamer.