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Saying Good-Bye Ain't Easy!

Saying Good-Bye Ain't Easy! Clearing out old make-up and brushes.
Saying Good-Bye Ain't Easy!
I must admit I may have been a little nasty, but please judge me lightly? :)

Good morning friends, I thought I would jump onto the blog and share a little non-important babble. By all means, you know that is my favorite thing to do, and besides, it's 10am, and I am bored out of my wits.  Although, as of late, my mornings have not been as early as I would like. 
But, strangely yesterday, I woke up at 8 am and started clearing things out of my beauty bag. 
Saying Good-Bye Ain't Easy! Feeling Good washing old make-up brushes
I must be honest with you ladies as well, I haven't really de-cluttered my personal space yet. So, this little clear out was long overdue. I'm bored, and to be honest, I do not want to sleep one more hour longer. 

Yes, I will admit it, I've been hoarding old dirty bent out of shape beauty brushes amongst other things. Can you believe I've found at least three sets of crumbled eye-lashes in my makeup bag? 
So this little clear out was very necessary and entirely mine renewing for me.

After going through all of my things, I didn't realize how many mix-matched beauty brushes I really owned. I tried to wash them, but a few were just raggedy, and I couldn't revive them. Yep, I may have had them one year too long. 
I think it was long overdue for me to pull everything out of my bag and clean it. Yes, I had to toss out dirty face sponges, and a few sparse looking face brushes. But, I know it had to be done and done today. 

Saying Good-Bye Ain't Easy!
If I can be honest, I was saddened to get rid of things I knew needed to be thrown in the nearest dumpster. :)

I kept making up excuses as to why I should keep them. Deep down, I think I may have gotten a little attached to have dirty makeup brushes in my possession. Yes, I hate to throw things away, because beauty products are high. 
It was hard to toss out things I paid 48 dollars for, even though I used every drop of it. I guess it's true saying good-bye to my personal things ain't easy even when I know it must go.

It took over 3 hours for me to get rid of all the junk I was keeping in my beauty bag. Perhaps that could have been why I couldn't find the things I really needed because my beauty case was full of things I couldn't use anyway.
Ha! this clear-out was nasty, but I know it had to be done.
Since being home, I am not wearing my good makeup around the house. You know my Fenty and Honey Dew Dips. That is a waste unless I am taking pictures or making videos.

Feeling Good: New Dollar Store Buys: Saying Good-Bye Ain't Easy! Bits and Babbles Beauty

So, I decided to take a quick trip to my local Dollar store and buy a few things I could until all Sephora and Ulta re-opens. I was surprised to find a few sets of super-soft bristle brushes that I wouldn't mind keeping on rotation in my new clean beauty bag.

New Beauty Finds At The Dollar Store: LA Colors Lip Oil :
Honestly, I found a few useful beauty items at the dollar store that I love at the moment. For a dollar, I also found a few LA colors lip gloss and chapsticks. Since we have to wear a mask, for now, I do not want to wear my favorite lipsticks just to cover them up. 

My new one-dollar picks are amazing, and they feel just beautiful on my lips. Surprisingly, I was very impressed with the texture and glide of the LA lip oil.

Yes, I will be going back for more to keep at home, my car, and my side desk at home.

Last but not least, wearing makeup is not that important when in isolation. But, it sure did feel good to clear out my beauty bag and find new things at my local beauty store.
Life may be at a small standstill for me at the moment. But looking good and feeling great will never take a back seat. Besides, a little lip gloss on a clean, washed face just looks fantastic on any woman. Do you agree?

Although it was hard to say good-bye to my old beauty items, I really do feel accomplished today. I used my time wisely, and I got rid of nasty old things that needed to throw away anyway.

There you have it a day of doing nothing but really accomplishing something.

Am I the only one who keeps old makeup items for way too long?

Leave me comments below: I'm just nosey.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tange


  1. No you aren't the only one who keeps makeup overtime. I am guilty of it!
    Love LA colors makeup as well , great quality and affordable


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