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Where I Find Gothic Grunge Clothes, Ghoul Shades, And More!

Tangie Bell sharing where she finds all her black gothic and grunge clothes, shades and more: Judge My Style: Sometimes I Shop
Where I Find Gothic Grunge Clothes, Ghoul Shades, And More!
Oh hello darlings, I thought I would jump onto the blog and share all the yummy places in which I find my crazy

 gothic and grunge style. 

Since coming out of a style rut, I've just decided to wear what the heck I want to wear.
Once I stopped trying to follow the trends and pinning what others were wearing, I was able to find myself.
It became so much easier for me to dress up when I started piling on the things that made me happy.
Tangie Bell wearing black dress, converse, pearl necklace, polka dot scarf, thrift handbag. Where I Find Gothic Grunge Clothes, Ghoul Shades, And More! Judge My Style : Sometimes I Shop
 I like playful and colors, but I also wear a lot of black clothing to work. So, I needed an outlet on how I could style up my daily looks. I know most people see dressing gothic as a dark, gloomy style while dressing grunge is a style of torn pieces that the lazy kidswear.
Tangie Bell is spilling the beans on where she finds her black dress, converse, ghoul shades, handbags black jacket and more.Judge My Style Sometimes I Shop

 I am here to share that saying is far from being the truth. Because both the gothic and the grunge style can be dressed in a classy way yet remain mysterious with a rebel twist.
Tangie Bell is sharing Where shes Find Gothic Grunge Clothes, Ghoul Shades, And More!

 So, with that being said, I know most people do not live in the same city. So, I will tell you where and how to look for a gothic grunge style.

First of all, you do not have to shop at a spooky store filled with ghosts and gobblings. 

It is possible to shop at all your local stores when piecing items together.

Thrift: We all know to find gothic and grunge clothing, thrifting is where it's at. Buying second-hand items will also be a win. So, make a list and start digging in those piles for anything that's dark black or vintage. This where I find most of my designer scarves for under 5 dollars.

Consignment Shops: Let's face it consignment shops that have vendors are hands down my favorite places to grab vintage ghoul shades, handbags, and shoes. 

Resale: I try not to shop resale shops, but let's face it; that is where you can find unique and one of a kind jewelry, clothes, and handbags.

Etsy: When I am not making my own rings and things, I love buying from people around the world who make or handcraft things as well. So, Etsy is another place where I spend hours searching for my style.

Markets: My weekends are always taken when the local market is open. I love shopping fair trade and from up and coming vendors.

Amazon: Online shopping is another place where I can find all-black items to wear.

The Mall: Ok, I know shopping malls can be a nightmare, but each store sells something different. My favorite stores are top shops, urban outfitters.

When shopping at Wal-Mart and Target, look for lace, black dresses, and any vintage styled t-shirts.

Stay tuned as I show you other gothic grunge styles if you would like.

Side Note: As I am building up my wardrobe, I am finding items from all over the place. You do not have to go to any particular stores to find gothic and grunge clothes. It takes imagination and creativity. But, most of all, I had to learn my style and how I want to dress me up. The sky is no longer the limit. So have fun with the grunge and always style up the gothic.

There you have it all the places where you can find your style.

Would you wear the gothic grunge look?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I like the boho look but who knows, maybe one day I might try the gothic look!


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