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Window Snooping!

Window Snooping! In Grapevine Texas; City Diaries
Window Snooping 
Who else loves a good day of window snooping in the city? You know those moments when no one sees you drooling by the mouth at that fancy dress you see from the glare of the windows. Ok, I see how you guys are; it's only me who does that, huh? lol :)

Just like that, we are have gone from in-person shopping to downright window snooping. While on my morning run at 8 am, I couldn't resist peeking into the windows of my favorite community stores.

Window Snooping! Dress seen in window downtown Grapevine Texas. City Diaries
 I am one person who can not wait for our local shops and boutiques to re-open. Life, as we all know it has changed drastically. Yes, the year 2020 has made its mark on the globe.
A mere burger stop has turned into grabbing food curbside by a person wearing a full mask. Online shopping has also turned into order and pick up in the store parking lot. Oh, how I long for a little community normalcy from my local neighbors. Honestly, I miss the noise and the hustle of our mornings commuting back and forth from work to home.
Window Snooping! City Diaries
Although life is looking a wee bit strange, I am still finding ways to give back to my community. Today, while on my jogging path, I made a note of all the stores and restaurants I will be supporting once isolation is over.
Window Snooping! City Diaries
Durning my window snooping on today, I saw dresses I wanted to try on. I even saw a few plaques of inspiration that will be making it's way to my house. It was such a joy to jog passed all the windows that said we will open soon and stronger than ever.
Window Snooping! City Diaries
The words were coming back soon gave me hope that everything will be ok. So, I am ready for more than just a window snoop. But, until everything re-opens, I am going to enjoy every day that I job by my favorite store and look in the window. 

Window Snooping In The City: Diaries

Truthfully, window snooping has been a joy for me to enjoy a small piece of hope. I remember in my most broke and most impoverished days of life, I used to pass cute stores and wish to buy from them one day. Now, I hope that each store can come back soon so I can shop just so they can stay afloat.
#GivingBackToOur Community

I know these store closures will not last much longer, so I will continue starring from the window as I jog by.

Until the day America gets back up and running, I will continue to do my part in the city.

Here are a few affordable things I am doing with my family to help keep money generating in our area.
When the stores open up, my family and I will start shopping locally first. I want to start generating my money in our area of living first.

We are doing some curbside in certain places now, but there will be more we can do when the city opens fully up.

Last but not least, I can see joy at the end of this thing we call life. And I know there is more to life than shopping. But, I also know the economy is going to need every coin we can put back into it. And that is why I want to do more than window snoop. I actually want to go in and enjoy shopping with the beautiful people of my community. :) What about you?

Babbles For You: Do you window shop?
Will you be shopping local or out of town?

There you have it all about my window snooping day.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Looking through the window is the only reason I’d go in a store🤣 I love just looking at my options

    1. I know peeking in windows helps me see if I will go in and shop:)
      xo Tangie

  2. Girl I window shop all the time! To the point where I see something I like and I forget that’s how much I window shop! I look at a lot of windows lol

  3. I LOVE WINDOW SHOPPING!!! My favorite places to go are to small towns in other states! I feel like they have such hidden gems! I can’t wait til I’m able to do that again!

    1. Hey I so agree:) small towns are my favorite:)
      xo Tangie


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