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Being 40-Something, Accessories, Legs And A List!

Being 40-Something, Accessories, Legs And A List!
Being 40-Something, Accessories, Legs, And A-List! 
 Here we go again; it's that time for summer, and it's time to possibly show off those legs. Yikes! Am I ready to bare it all for the sake of staying cool in this Texas heat? Now I face the question of being 40-something and finding a balance between what is fashionable and age-appropriate. Although I know at my age, I can wear whatever I want but do I really want to do that? 

For example, I went shopping, and honey, most of the clothes I saw were see-through slinky and not my style at all. So, what should I do when it comes to dressing up my mature style? Honestly, I tried on so many clothes that just didn't make sense to me. Why buy things just to have them hanging up in the closet. I want to actually go out and do something with my friends, husband, and family. So, I must find things that represent my weird grunge and vintage taste in clothing. Since I most likely will be wearing clothes that may show off my legs a bit. I've come up with a list that will help summer fly by smoothly.

Being 40-Something, Accessories, Legs And A List!
First: I made a small list of the things I will be wearing on repeat. Such as solid dresses and maybe two pairs of crop pants with several tops. I am opening more toward maxi dresses because I love the free flow feel when out and about in the city. But that is up for debate, so on this list, I am sticking with dresses. And, yes, I will be adding in some type of color like yellow, orange, and maybe some hues of blue. I can not tell a lie; it is tough not to wear black during to summer, but hey, I am up for some surprises. 

Recap List: Summer Dresses- Both Long And Mid Length For Summer Time
Possibly Colors Centered Around Being Bright And Vibrant

Being 40-Something, Accessories, Legs And A List!

Second: Ya'll know how much I love wearing jewelry, primarily arm candy. You know that is a fancy word for bracelets. But, I also watch out for handbags and cute sunglasses from time to time. So, that is definitely going to be a focus of mine this summer. I want to amp up my shades game and rock more vintage handbags. I am leaning toward pattern prints from the 70s era. It's something about styling old accessories that are fun, sassy and fabulous. And at my age, I want to focus on all things that bring joy with a mix of downright happiness. :) Since the heat in summer usually reach way over 90 degrees, my accessories will play a big part in dressing up.

Recap List: This summer 2020 will be all about a back in the day style. There will be jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses.

Ok, now I must address my legs in which I can not hide this summer. My plan is to keep them shaved and oiled with black seed oil. Yes, I need more than vaseline for these feet of mine. Also, as time goes by this year, I may go back to my local spa for treatments on my feet and leg massages. But in the meantime, I will be investing in my own leg beauty bits. Taking care of my legs is not hard to do at all. 

Since I may be wearing midi dresses keeping them shaved and oil will be whole-heartedly necessary.

Being forty-something has taught me a whole lot when it comes to fashion. There are no rules, and I really can wear what I want. But, with age comes the responsibility to wear what is for my age bracket. Ha! I really do not know the dress code for being myself. I want to dress cool and fit in the typical dress code of life. But, being a hairstylist that is just impossible to do at this stage of my life.

I really want to enjoy life by embracing any style I want to wear. The year 2020 has taught me a lot about life, and I am not doing nothing less than living big, bold, and on my own terms. 

So, I think this last statement definitely has to make my list for being forty-something.

In conclusion: Dressing up and wearing clothes is not a necessity for most women. And I agree 100% that is why I focusing on finding what works for you. I find when I am happy with myself and my style, people gravitate to that. So, if I wat to wear a decorated trash bag, when I own it, people will love it as well. So, no matter how a woman dresses, there will always be someone who loves her look. 

But as for me, it doesn't matter if people love my look, it's about if I love the way I look and feel on the inside. Yep, it is that simple. :)

Lastly: As for me, this summer is all about relaxation, and I have no plans of allowing clothes to stop me from soaking up the sun.

So, girl, I say to you, wear what you want and have fun dressing up in your authentic self. :)

What will you be doing this hot summer of 2020?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Outfit Deets In Pictures Above
Long Black Maxi Dress
Vintage Inspired Lunch Box- I Am Using It As A Handbag
Necklace Chain-Came From An Old Purse
Bracelets -DIY By Me: Crystal Pieces Are From Thrift Snooping Around Town
Lipstick is By Too Faced in color Jawbreaker
Sunglasses- Mother's Day Thrift Gift


  1. I already know this summer is about to be HOT and normally I dread this time of year but I have been in the house so much I am ready to get out and explore life, have fun, maybe even swim and wear cute clothes!


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