Joyful Bits

Ending With Joyful Bits !

Ending With Joyful Bits !

Hello Friends, welcome back to a few joyful bits ending off the weekend. I do not know about you guys, 
but life at the moment has been in a constant loop. Every day almost feels and seems the same, wake up, eat, breakfast, start on lunch, and finish with dinner and a movie. Blah Blah Blah! Although I know things have changed, I have yet to find a complaint that I will allow to break my joyful spirits. 

 Nonetheless, I refuse to buckle, and I am trying to keep my joyful cup filled to the brim. And you guys may be surprised at how I managed to crawl myself to get into an upright position.

Ending With Joyful Bits !
So, here are a few joyful bits to end off the weekend or at least get it back jump-started.

Cry If You Need To Do It.  Yes, I had to ball my eyes out this week due to losing two people that were dear to my heart. Things have been happening so fast that with every breath, it seems as though another train was fastly coming. After a few days, I decided I needed to get up and be strong, although it wasn't easy. I ultimately decided to get up and start moving around. Yes, it was that simple. I also put on my favorite gospel song by Bishop Paul S. Morton. A song titled "Don't Do It Without Me." 
I also texted to a few other people who needed a song to listen too. I used the clip from Youtube.

I found that to be a perfect song for a night of praise and worship when I need it the most. I also find it soothing to walk around my home and pray and sing out loud until I felt a gentle relief of joy from the inside.

Also, I am in the process of celebrating with our daughter (Chloe) for her graduation. And the excitement is entirely out the window. As it should be, so of course I will be cooking and entertaining my family this weekend. Due to isolation, it will only be me, the hubs, and the girls. 

I was so happy to get notified that her high school was going to have a full ceremony for all the students.

So, no matter what was happening, I had to turn my day around so, Chloe's experience would be memorable.

I did what a mother would do, go to the store and buy all the fixings for her favorite meal and dessert. 

The menu is as follows:

Chicken and Seafood Gumbo
Banana Pudding

Yes, that is so easy to make.

After all of this celebrating stuff is over, I will then finish my weekend bits as follows.

If you need a little inspiration, try this method; it really works.

First, grab yourself some coffee or tea with lemon. Then draw a hot bubble Calgon bath and relax for at least 20 minutes. If the mood is right, go ahead and chill with a green mask so your pores can be open. Trust me, a good night mask will help close holes in the face and stop those wrinkles from being exposed.
Since there is not much to do, I will be making some more jewelry for some upcoming events. This weekend will be capped off with binge-watching a few of my favorite ole' school shows and movies.

Here is my list:
Martin Comedy
Chicago P.D Show
And lately, I have been really into watching all of IP Man Martial Art Movies.
When I finish, I just may have to come back and share my thought on those. 

In conclusion: Oh, how I would love to share all the joys without sharing the in-between. You see, joy always comes after a storm brews. So, remember if you need to cry, go ahead because it is ok. But, always try to find one moment that will you some feeling of joy. I cried, and then I got up because my family needs me, and I want to be there just for them as well.

So, there you have it a few joyful bits to my weekending. What will you be doing to keep your joy cup full by any means necessary?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. This weekend I will be spending time with yall and in my bed! Ha! Sounds like the perfect plan to me!!


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