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Joyful Bits For The Remainder Of The Week: Reset-Start Over Whatever It Takes!

Joyful Bits For The Remainder Of The Week: Reset-Start Over Whatever It Takes!

Joyful Bits For The Remainder Of The Week: Reset-Start Over Whatever It Takes! I thought I would jump onto the blog and share a few joyful bits with guys today.

Ok here's the deal I want to scream, jump up and pull out my blonde hair sometimes. Although I think it would just be easier if I just give myself a razor haircut. :)
The moral of the story is I just realized I am halfway through the week, and I have been running low on feeling joyful. So, while I am writing in my journal, it hit me like a ton of bricks to my face. Not really, people just imagine I had an Ahh moment. 
Joyful Bits For The Remainder Of The Week: Reset-Start Over Whatever It Takes!
Yes, I had a moment that reminded me of how I needed to get back up and fill my joy cup back up to the brim. The reason being I just knew getting back to work this week would make me so happy until I realized most of the people I know personally jobs are still closed for at least another 3 weeks. 

Not to mention, I have so many other things that I have moved to the back burner of the stove, and today it needs my full attention.  Yeah, I am that person who has been using my time in idle this week. I am just honest without giving a cloud of poof and fluffy lies. 

I used to think to be joyful, happy, and bubbly all the time meant everything had to be perfect. But, I have soon found that my joy and peace of mind must be protected at all times. 

Example: Sometimes, a person can be in a joyous mood, and one phone call can change all of that. Or hearing some bad news from your local news reporter. So, many things can alter the way we see and enjoy small bits of life. 

I've discovered when the sun is shining, I better protect my mental space by being mindful of the things that I am going to dwell upon. Life is not perfect, but I know I can create the space I want to live in daily. Therefore there have been many times I've had to re-start my day and thoughts over so I can lower my pity party levels and raise my joy levels up a bit. 

Yes, it's that simple, and I am going to share how I have re-claimed every bit of my joy by hitting reset and starting over. Honey, I am learning to do whatever it takes to be happy by any means necessary. 

Becoming The Captain: When you are the captain of a ship, you never need permission to steer straight ahead. Become the head person in charge of being a happy and joyful person. It is a known fact that people want to hang with other's who can see a mountain, yet they know how to navigate their way around the trouble ahead. Yes, things are going to happen in life that is out of our control. But, having peace, leave, and joy is not one of them. Guard your inner space and operate as the head captain in charge. Keep your ship in the direction to steer toward bits of joy every day.

A Knock Down Is Not A Knockout! Yes, life can sometimes go in the opposite direction when all you are doing is trying to create a positive atmosphere. Then boom someone who has a bad attitude just clocked in at work. (Not today Nancy) lol :) Not today, girl!

Side Note: Clear your plate of negative people: Sometimes, you just have to move people around and vise versa. If you know you do like like Sally Sue, try to avoid faking a compliment or smile when you really do not get good vibes back. It's ok not to be laughing up in everybody's face. Try to be authentic and love people for real, but do it at least 6 feet away. Remember, there is no such thing as fake it till you like'em. That type of behavior will make you as the person feel sad. Remember you, and I are the captain of our joy ship.

Start Over: There is no cap on when a person can start over in life. Every day should be an adventure, so if you want to be a book writer today and a teacher tomorrow by all means GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for it. You only have one life do the crazy stuff, even if you fail at it 1,000 times. It's ok most of my sadness has come from not taking a risk and living my life even if I fail at it. The race is not just for the swift, but it's also for the one who stays in the game even if they are 20 miles behind.

Get Out Of  Idle Mode: Wake up dreams are not meant to stay in pause mode. If you want it, then you have to reset, possibly start to overcome things. But no matter what, just do what it takes for you to get your joy back up and moving forward. Find a hobby, join a new church, and/or surround yourself with new like-minded people. Whatever it takes to fight for your joy and happiness by any means necessary

Perfection Is Not Real: Girl, I am here to let it all hang out. Once I stopped trying to be a perfect mom, friend, co-worker, and wife, I was able to let go of the old me and live the new and still growing me. We all want a life filled with happiness and a job, but it has to be created by the person who wants and needs it. 

Allow yourself plenty of time to re-grow by making mistakes and by correcting those mistakes. It is vital to fill your joy cup daily. 

Start A Daily Reminder: Trust In Yourself and Lean On Your Faith
Having Joy is easy when we all become magnetic, where joy wants to live. 

Last but certainly not least: I am no professional joy doctor. But what I have learned joy has to created by the one who wants it. I am learning daily to remove the things that make me feel bad or down. So, far 2020 started off rocky, but I know it's not too late to turn my joy ship around. Today is Wednesday, and now is a great time to hit the reset and start over button. No one cares if I have joy, so that means I need to find my own happy and joyous medium.

Lastly: I wish joy was in a cup of coffee or just shopping alone. But, to be honest, it is not and most likely never will be. My plan is to create my own small space and pass the key to the only people who want to be happy with me.

But if Joy was in a bottle, it still would have to be opened by the one who wanted to be joyful and happy.

Now it's time for a little everyday life fluff that really works.

#1: Get a Hobby: Join a book club Or get adventurous by doing one thing you've always wanted to do.
#2: Change your hair color or just copy somebody else...just be genuine and authentic 
#3: Start a new journal and journey
#4 Find something in your home that brings you unparallel joy
#5 Believe that you deserve to have joy and be happy by any means necessary

What gives you joy at this very moment?

That's my bits and babbles for today.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. Being able to be prayerful and reading most definitely. This is the best alone time that I have gotten in a while.

  2. Something that gives me joy at this very moment is reading, napping and enjoying my morning coffee! I dont know aboout anyone else BUT I have to start my morning off right so that I can have a productive rest of the day!

  3. I always love reading your blog💙 just so peaceful and joyful

    1. Good morning and thank you. Have a blessed day!
      xo Tangie

  4. Breaking out of the idle mode was my toughest hump but I kinda of created a little routine to help me stay productive and get content out on a some what consistent basis but its a schedule that works for me as well.

    1. Hey Sanniyah I do not know you personally. But, you have been commenting and sharing things all the time. I am so happy for you for pushing yourself. Blogging is not over night, its about taking baby steps. Its all about what you love sharing. Besides you and your ideas are so different. So, when people visit your blog I they get good vibes. You have something to say just like all the other bloggers you support. So, stay on your grind and know it takes a long time to reach one goal. I can not explain why that is so, but it is. And I am ok with that, no matter how talented we are, some people just have to work harder. So, stay put and write on your blog when an idea moves you. sending hugs your way! xo tangie


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