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Morning Babbles: If I Had A Rusty Nickel!

Morning Babbles: If I Had A Rusty Nickel!
I do not know who needs to hear this morning, babbles. But, honey, if I had a rusty nickel for all the times I wanted to throw in the towel, I would 
be a rich country gal by now. And that is on everything I love to the moon and back. I was on my social media last night, and I saw so many people saying forget 2020 because nothing is going as planned. Yada Yada. :). I am not here to downsize the way some people are feeling during this time of uncertainty. But hear me out because I have something to say that has really helped me jump back into this thing we call life.
Morning Babbles: If I Had A Rusty Nickel!
Last week while cleaning out my closet, I stumbled across my husband's coin jar, and I noticed it was full of nickels. "I asked him why he had so many nickels because I have never seen them before? He answered: When I separate my change, I always like the nickels better than any other coin because it can complete the circle of a sale when shopping. 

 Umm, I didn't get it either, but ok.

But as my morning went on, I kept thinking about those nickels. Then I thought about all the times I tossed out my change along with a few of my dreams just because I gave up. 

Yep, when times got rough, I would stop and start on something else. Really never accomplishing much at all. That is why if I had a nickel for all the years I threw in the towel, I would be overflowing in riches.

The moral of this story is: Yes, 2020 started off a wee bit rocky. But everybody for the first time in history is feeling the same pricks from life's rocky stones. Most businesses, as we know, it will never be able to re-coop. They can if we all get back out and do our parts. Our homes have changed a lot, I can say mine has. I've been cooking more than ever, making jewelry and spending lots of time with my husband and our daughters. Trust me, I have learned some new things about everybody who lives under my roof.

There is and never will be a playbook to what has occurred in the world of 2020. But, what I do know is I can re-write how I want to get back on track and finish out strong.

This may sound mundane, but I am no stranger to a hard knock you gotta make it happen in life. And Yall, what is happening today is no different from any hard time I've had to face in my life before. Here's the deal, and here is my plan. Ok, it may not be foolproof, but it is food for thought.

As the world moves back into being more social, where does that leave me and what can I do to keep my sanity healthy, whole, and happy.

First of all, I had to realize it ain't over until the opera lady has sung sang or hit that last high pitch. 

And we all know when an opera singer hits that high note before the ending everybody in the stand cheers with pure excitement. 

We'll the hight notes of getting back out into the world is about to happen. So, let's get ready to do it and do it big.

  • Get The start over plan going and quickly. We all know things are not going to be the same. For a while, we will be wearing masks and social distancing. That is just our new normal for a bit. So, I just did a headcount of everyone in my home who needs masks. I dod not want to scare my younger daughters, it's just time I prepare them for coming out into society. Hey, we can not keep them In the house forever,
  • Take care of all our family priorities first, and getting ready to go back into work full-time. Because at the moment on this day we are only operating at 50%. 
  • Getting prepped to change lanes. Ok, here's the deal there are some things I have put on the back burner. And as of today I am no longer going to do that anymore. I have two friends that decided to do a career change, and I am rooting for them. But, as for me, I want to charter back into a lane I got sidetracked from. And I will share that with this platform very soon. But, if you need to change lanes, flip the switch and get over. It's will never be too late. 
  • It's time to get excited about doing something. For example, I've learned how to make better videos and work on my social media. I have a few new cyber friends who love my post, and that is all that matters. 
  • It's time to ignite a passion for happiness. Yep, 2020 came in like a rocking ball, but chile it ain't over. So, find your mojo and jump right on into living again.
  • Get a journal and re-write your own ending. No one can do it better. Besides, no one cares if you do it at all, so get your butt up and just do it.

At the end of the day, I have learned a few things about just being a woman and survival. Now, I can add I survived the rockiest parts of 2020. And I am so happy about that. 

In conclusion: If I can babble about one thing with judgment. It would be I've failed a thousand times. I've been set back one million times. But as I look back over my life, I have gotten back up 10 zillion times. 2020 ain't over yet, and every day is a new opportunity to get up and start over. It is ok to go back to the beginning of a re-start. The race is not giving to the swift but to the ones who can endure and keep moving. So, yes, if I had a rusty nickel for all the times I have had to stop and do something over, I would be rich. But, guess what I am rich because I am not afraid to keep jumping into life until I find what I am looking for. 

Lastly, this blog is my outlet, even when people I know hated for me to mention it. So, over the years, I silently start writing, and that is how bits and babbles came about. It is based on what I want to share that inspires someone else to get up and go for it. Although I am older in life, I know I still have time to jump-start my dreams.

So, with that being said, never give up on YOU! Start something new and stay on it even if you fall down 10,000 times. 

There you have it a little dose of my morning babbles. 
How are you doing today?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Its never too late to start over and I am a strong believer of that! I have some goal to get accomplished and I am more than ready!

  2. I understand exactly what you are saying . We shouldn't be down in the dumps because everyone is going through right now! No one is really an exception!


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