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Pulling Together!

Pulling Together
Pulling Together A Few Family Bits
Sometimes life has a way of throwing things that will make even the strongest person rise from a deep slumber. But as for me, I was born and raised in the deep 

south of Louisiana. Therefore, I learned at an early age how to make lemonade out of a bad situation.

I've had at least three people ask me what are we doing to stay afloat and sane?  And honestly, I have no direct answer. So, I decided to break down my last 7 weeks of isolation with my family and how we are pulling together.

Pulling Together! Family Bits
It would be unfair if I said I did not cry when this shut down first happened. I cried for two days straight and not because of money. It was the feeling of being in the unknown because I have never been in this type of situation. So, as a mom and wife living far from my family roots, I was afraid. 

And I know a lot of people around the world felt the same way. Honestly, it felt as if the world was ending.

Pulling Together!
 It took one week to get my daughter's school set up, and my husband and I took the remainder of our time closing out work. By week two, we had a system going as if we were the Brady Bunch family.
Pulling Together! Family Bits Cooking Taco Dinner
 The hard part was trying to explain what was happening when we, as the parents didn't understand.
Pulling Together!
Here's the deal there is no one way to operate a family home. But, I also know when things get tough, this is when everyone should pull together. 
I promise you guys it took prayer, street knowledge, and the love for one another not to give up.

As a family, we made up a new schedule that had to take effect immediately. Our old way of doing things had to change because life has suddenly changed.
Pulling Together! Tangie Bell sharing cooking tips with daughters
My two oldest daughters (Carey and Kamoriae) took on the responsibility of helping the younger girls with all classwork on the computer. We all took turns cleaning and decluttering the rooms of our living space. I believe doing so kept a good vibe at the house.

Every other day I made sure we all cooked together as a family. Family game night was important, even though my husband was a cheater when it came to the connect four-game. 
I limited our view time of watching the news by always having a funny or action movie-going at all times.
Pulling Together!
Now that things are getting back to normal, I am feeling good about all my decisions made during isolation.
Honestly, being in isolation, there was not much any of us could do besides pulling together.

A few things I've taught my girls over the last several weeks.

Of course, I had to tell all my dessert secrets, such as how I make banana pudding. I think they are still in shock that I do not make it homemade.
Well, mama has a whole lot of secrets. :)

Yep, I make magnolia nana pudding: heavy whip cream, condensed milk, confection sugar, vanilla wafers, one box vanilla, and banana creme pudding mix.

Ha! Now my secret is out. Well, since I am honest, I'll admit my southern Gumbo comes from a box. 

Yep it's true I have been lying to my family, and I admit I don't cook everything from scratch.

But still, I make the best Louisiana Gumbo by using the Zatarain's mix. Yeah, baby, I love adding shrimp, chicken and down-home sausage with a side of hot butter cornbread,

Besides, one of our best meals hands down has to be when we have taco night. That is when we all gather in the kitchen, cooking and cracking jokes on one another. And that is what pulling together is all about being able to laugh through the turmoils of life.

And making tacos does just that for my household.

My taco recipe is to add everything except the kitchen sink. But if I must tell my secret, it's all about making what the family loves.

So, it always comes down to ground beef mixed with taco season and sauce, Then I will cook chicken with fajita sauce. We love the soft and crunchy taco shells, so we can fill them with meat, cheese, sour cream, and Picante sauce. Oh, and we have Mexican rice, corn, and refried beans on the side.

In conclusion: Although as parents, we couldn't explain what was happening. But, we pulled together as a family and made the best out of what was happening. I've learned a lot on this isolation journey, and I will be implementing some new things for the better.

At the end of the day, the family is everything, and I am glad we learned a new way of living life together. And I thank God for bringing us through it all.

How are you guys doing?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I'm doing well THANKS! How are you and your family?
    I would honestly love to hear about that Banana Pudding recipe though lol

    1. Hey thanks...Ive made it before. I will do it again:) soon. Thanks for commenting..glad you are doing well.

      xo Tangie


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