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This Morning Took Forever!

This Morning Took Forever!

This Morning Took Forever!
 Ugh, what really happened this morning changed my whole outlook on DIY beauty at home. 
So, yesterday I planned out how I was going to prep my look and feel-good routine for going back to work. Yes, I planned everything all the way down to scrubbing my crusty ole' toes and feet. And here is my shameless and dirty deets. :)

 For one whole day, I went to several different stores looking for basic home spa things that I could use for myself at home. Since Texas is operating only at 25%, everything in my city is still not open fully. 

Besides, my favorite foot and eyebrow threader can not open this week. That means I have to take my personal style into my own hands by waxing, shaving, and buffing up my rough skin before starting my first day back at work. 

Sidenote: I swear I will never be late for another spa appointment again because it took me forever to do what others specialize in. 

Geez, I looked crusty before starting on my own in house pampering this morning. 

I thought it would be cool to share all the simple steps I did to get my look back on track. Besides, for me looking good and feeling good is essential when it comes to being in the hair business. So, let's jump right on into today's post.

This Morning Took Forever!
When I go to the spa for my bi-weekly foot scrub, I usually ask for a sugar scrub because it softens my feet without using a metal scrubber. Since I am doing my own feet at home, I decided to DIY myself a scrub that was just what I needed to allow my feet to look and feel like a new set of feet. The mixture I used was easy to mix up. 

First: I poured a scoop full of brown and white sugar, then I mixed in some expired yogurt with a dollop of honey. I used a pumice stone to massage all the mixture between my toes and the heels of my feet. After rinsing, my feet felt super soft, and all the dry white gunk was gone off the back of my feet. I used African oils and vaseline to rub all over before putting on my socks to help give that extra softness. My foot spa at home turned out so well, I just may start doing them myself from time to time or on days I can stop making it to the resort spa.
This Morning Took Forever!
The next thing on my list was to tackle everything that needed to be threaded on my face. Since I do not specialize in that area of salon beauty. I stopped by my local beauty supply store and grabbed myself a box of microwave wax. I did not do my eyebrows, but I did do my upper lip and bottom chin. I used GiGi because it was for sensitive skin, and I wanted something for temporary use. To my surprise, this stuff snatched all that hair off my face without any irritation. But, I can not wait to go back to my original face threader. 
This Morning Took Forever
I love doing my own polish at home because I mostly wear black. So, it was easy for me to clip down my nails and clean my nail beds myself at home. I am using the L.A colors from Wal-Mart to finish off my toes and my feet. I must admit it looks like I went to the nail salon, and I am happy about the results. But Yall, this took forever to complete. 
This Morning Took Forever!
Last but not least, I knew I wanted my first day back at work to look pulled together; that is why I am piling on a set of eyelashes. Now that I can do at home all by myself.
This Morning Took Forever!

There were a few other things I did for a quick glow, such as a face mask before applying my regular make-up.

In conclusion: I know everything is not open at the moment; that is why I took my beauty into my own hands. I did not want to go back to work and look unkept while doing my client's hair. I learned something new about myself today. And what I am about to say is only my opinion.

 I didn't realize how much I missed and needed the other people who do a service every day. The beauty industry is essential to me as a woman. Each person that does a service for women is essential from the nail tech to the foot massagers. They are valuable, and I will never take getting those small bits of pampering for granted ever again. Hairstylist helps women's hair look and smell good. I never knew how bad I needed my eyebrows threaded to finish off my face. So, let's be clear we all need one another, and we all play a big part in a woman looking and feeling good. Yes, I can do all these things at home, but doing these things from time to time keeps the economy going. And for that, I am thankful for all the women in the beauty industry, helping keep us women looking our most beautiful best.

Ther you have it all the things I did to look my best for my first day back out in the world.

How have you been taking care of your personal beauty?

P.S. Doing all these things myself took all day long, and now Ya girl is tired. Ha! 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. In house self Quarantine care is so essential at this time. It keeps the immune boosted and stress levels low. Because if you look good you feel good

    1. Hello and good evening..I agree 100% Thanks for commenting!
      xo Tangie


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