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Ugh! Bored At The House

Ugh! Bored At The House. At the craft store buying magazines. Hobby Bits
 Ugh! Bored At The House!

I know I said I wasn't going to do it, but girl I did it.
The boredom of being stuck in the house has finally gotten the best of me. So, I got dressed and went out into the public. Just being nosey with the rest of the world.
Of course, this is the first phase of leaving home, and most places are operating at 25%. 
In my area, all craft stores and most food eateries are open with limited hours during the day.
But, hey, that is better than not being open at all.
So, I stopped by my salon and cleaned up a bit, so when the Governor says we can resume work, I will be ready.

Honestly, I have not been that bored at home because I've been taking advantage of Michael's and Hobby Lobby's jewelry sales. Yes, ya girl has been in the craft room. making and shaking some new stuff up. :)

I got myself some new trinkets to make some necklaces and a few more bracelets. Yall know I love my bracelets popping all over the place. 
Side Note: If you are looking for something to cure your home boredom, here is a list of things I love doing.
Ugh! Bored At The House. Tangie Bell trying on bracelets

I just recently made another tray of resin earrings for my clients when I return to the salon. And in the future, I will be selling online very soon. You can see how to make yourself a quick pair of wood and resin earrings by clicking right here  Resin Earrings

Ugh! Bored At The House. Earring viewing on the wall. Hobby Bits
Honestly, I was glad to see a few people out shopping and buying stuff to support other craft makers. Today, I was able to stop by my favorite in my neighborhood and browse the jewelry sections.
I can not express how happy that made me feel, I even got some advice from a vendor on how to price my items when selling online or at the market.
Ugh! Bored At The House. Looking at making earrings. Hobby Bits
I am leaning toward offline because meeting people is better than putting all your work online. At the moment, I am still playing with my ideas because there is no rush. Just know that it will be coming real soon, and it will be amazing. You guys have been asking for my pieces, and I am working to make them available very soon.

Nonetheless, being busy has become vital for my joy and plain ole' happiness. Here's the deal it took me two weeks to learn being bored at the house was totally unacceptable.

So, I sat down and re-wrote a new set of visions and ideas that I will be implementing soon.
I get a lot of questions when it comes to making jewelry and bracelets in particular.

One thing I learned very quickly in life is that I make what I love and know how to make. It's that simple.

But, if I can't make something, I take classes, and I use google when possible. When it comes to making a necklace, I try to get creative on my own.  People want to buy original work, not something they can just google and do.

That is why when I look at the pictures in the craft store, I have to see my own vision for a better re-make.

Got that speech from Shark Tank. :)

My first jewelry class made us make a pair of earrings without any help. The instructor was looking for the creator vs. the people that needed to learn from the beginning.

I moved quickly to the second phase because I could make crazy stuff that had chains and leather. Ya'll, it was not cute to me at all, but I was eager to learn more. My instructor loved it because it was unique, and it was odd-looking. To this day, I still do not know if that was a compliment.

I started crafting and making jewelry out of boredom. But, it has become something I love doing more than anything else.

Last but not least: Being bored was my excuse, making jewelry was my escape. Trust I tried making bean bags, coffee cups, and t-shirts.
But at the end of the day, none of those things was my vibe. Ye, I went to all my favorite craft store today. A haul will be coming later.

What I tell my friends when they want to get creative but not make jewelry.

There are so many things that a person can make and sell if they want.

A few of my favorites are tie-dying shirts and shoes, pottery and glass blowing. Seriously, I wanted to blow glass and sell at the markets. I took one class and left, but it was so much fun. Yep, that was not my calling at all guys.

In conclusion: The moral of this story is being bored is just an opportunity to start creating something new. In other words, it's ok to find something fun and creative to make and do.

Sometimes a gal just has to find a new thang!

What helps you stay motivated and inspired while in the house?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Youre right! Grant it, I havent found anything creative yet but I will say that I have been taking joy in watching all of the tv shows I missed over the past few years! That counts as a hobby right??

    1. Yes it does count as a hobby. A hobby is whatever brings you joy and happiness:)
      xo Tangie

  2. Your finds are always on HAWWWT FIRE 🔥


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